Monday, November 23, 2009


Bill came home from work for a few mins so I could just run and get the stool sample kit from the lab and as soon as Corb wakes up, I'll have him go potty and I'll get the kit back to the clinic as soon as Austin comes home from school. Bill can't really leave work again, it's bad enough he's going to be home later then normal anyway (that means I'll have to make supper....least fav thing)

A nurse just called, Corb's doc wanted her to call me to check how things are going. She's a wonderful caring doc. That whole floor is so great. The three front desk girls (Hi...end Kelli, middle Kelli and Dannielle (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and all the nurses (which I can't ever remember their names LOL except Julie because she has a special needs daughter) And even some of the on-line nurses know him (with them being only on the phone I always try to ask for the same person, Hi Sara. Today someone helped me though) Even most of the other docs know him too. He's like a little celberity up there lol even today the Superior clinic lab tech knew who Corb was and he don't even ever go there lol

I wish he would wake up but the poor kid has been up since 3am so I don't blame him. I napped for 30 mins before Bill got here :-D

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