Monday, June 28, 2010

Massage therapy

Corb's waiver finally came threw, he starts massage therapy this after noon. WoooHoooo!!! He's approved for 2 hours 2x a week but we are just slitting up the time so it can be 3x a week. Monday & Wednesday are 45 mins and Thursday is 30 mins, that one's late in the evening.

Corb and I went to meet the therapists the other day, he will have the owner and her nephew. I couldn't believe it Corb liked the guy alot, the lady moves a bit fast, she scares the crap out of him lol, but he'll adjust though, she told me to just keep reminding her lol

I have many many videos and pics I'm trying to catch up on. So they should be up soon.

You know how annoying it is to still be coughing after almost 3 weeks UGH!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mayo call

Mayo doc just called. All the blood tests were perfect. His stool sample showed no white blood cells the first time they tested it but the second time did. So he does have Colitis, he’s going on an antibiotic. We do that for two weeks and go from there but……he has already started to feel better so I’m not sure we will see any difference :-( but I’m totally willing to try anything.

She was so sweet. She said sorry we came all that way and she was out of the office making it so we had loose ends. She also said if the antibiotics aren’t the answer she will help me figure out away to go back down there.

I feel some better. Bummed about the Nissen though, his reflux has been bad. For right now the doc said lets just worry about the colen first and we will just treat the acid and thankfully he’s on Prevacid already.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mayo trip :-(

I would love to report that things went well on our trip to Mayo but unfortunately I really can’t.

6:30am Monday morning the driver picked up, myself, Corb and Austin (I let Austin come since it was his last week of school anyway). The trip is no more then 3hours and 30min to get there and that’s on yahoo maps, they are always about 30mins to long, well…..he took the wrong way and we were almost an hour late.

Since we were so late they had to change the appointment to 1:30. We decided to have the driver bring us to the motel to check in. While driving, we all seen and talked about the burger king up a few blocks. We checked in, got all our bags in the room and got back in the van, the driver started going towards the road away from burger king and I said hey isn’t there a back road, he just kept driving. Austin says aren’t we going to burger king, he rudely says I don’t think so, Austin says any chance we can; he says you know I don’t get paid for this (which he does). OK so…..we just went with the flow. He does turn around, we dropped Austin off to run in for me and him and the driver orders his in the drive thru. The car in front of us was taking forever, you could hear in his voice he was getting more and more upset and when we got to the window, the lady took quite sometime and he just starts bit$$ing, I can’t believe this there’s only one woman working. All the longer it took, all the madder he got. We pull up to get Austin and he just wasn’t coming so I went inside to see what was going on, there were about 5 people waiting and really only one woman taking orders and bagging. I get back out to the van and I say he’s almost done and yes there is only one woman. You could almost see the steam coming out of his ears. He drops us off at Mayo and Austin tells me he was swearing the whole drive, really…..swearing with my 14yr old in the seat next to him. It’s not like I don’t but he’s my kid lol

We get up to our appointment and the doc was still in her meeting so her assistant started taking the information down. They both came back in, I explained everything, I thought. The doc orders blood work, a stool sample and an upper GI and says to bad I’ll be out of the office the rest of the week. Really….ok so a 4hour drive for our doc to not even be in the office to finish our appointment time. They said expect 3-4days.

Anyway after the appt, we went to the lab, Corb was a trooper he didn’t even cry. While checking out we find out that the lab for the stool sample was at 7:45 am the next morn (Tue) the very nice check out girl told me to just go to the big lab and grab a stool sample kit for “tonight” The sample has to be given back within 30mins. He actually goes in the morning shhh. We’re getting ready to call for a shuttle and we find out that the motels shuttle is broke down and there isn’t a handicapped one available. Now I’m getting nervous but Austin my hero figured out, that one of the vans had a big enough back to put the wheelchair in but that meant that Corb would have to just sit in a seat without a carseat, not so happy about that but we just wanted to get back to the motel. The normal van for the motel also was not handicapped accessible, the whole time I had to just strap him in a seat UGH!!! When we checked in, since I had Austin with, the lady says (which was hard to understand) you want two beds, sure sounds good to me. After the appointment when we got back to the motel Austin sees a sign that says 39.99 for a room. I was quoted 45.00 and that’s with the Mayo discount, so Austin goes down and asks why ours was 45.00 and she says oh no yours is 55.00 Austin explains all this time me, ok………my turn to go talk to the lady, she explains oh you have two beds WHAT!!!! She didn’t happen to say that it’s 10.00 more a night with two beds. Really PI$$ED off now!! Thinking we likely wouldn’t have stay Wed night anyway, so I wasn’t too worried “yet”.

On Tue, since we grabbed the stool sample kit we didn’t have any appointments but….we decided to just go hang out at the clinic and have Corb go poo there because of it having to be within the 30 mins, who knows with the shuttle issues, how long it would take to get it back. I gave Corb his poo med and we walked around, laid around.

and nothing, I mean nothing, so at about 3pm we go back to the motel and our shuttle drive Adam (THANK YOU) told me to just call him at his personal number and he would make sure I got there within the 30 mins. Around 4pm I knew he had poo’ed so I went to move him and totally forget he was hooked up to the feeding pump. I pulled the fully inflated balloon right out of his little belly. Totally Freaking now!!! I didn’t bring a g-tube kit, didn’t have a clue were a hospital was and really didn’t have a way to get to the there anyway so I improvised, I used one of the ends of the extension tube, pushed it into the water port and held it there as tight as I could and Austin took a syringe and sucked the water out of the balloon. I got it back in and we were able to refill the balloon the same way. I’m really crying by this point and then I find out he didn’t go very much and Adam only worked until 5:30, thankfully around 5pm he went some, still very little, but I took what I could. We called Adam and we made it in time. I had Austin just stay with boo at the motel so I didn’t have to get him in and out again, (well needless to say I got so lost trying to get out of that building ha ha ha Austin is like a human map.) I called the transport company but of course my luck they didn’t have any handicapped accessible vans available until Thu. Now I really can’t stop crying. I hurt the baby, the doc wasn’t there, I had no way to get home and not enough money for the motel another night. I call hubby and he’s being a pain in the butt. He didn’t think I really needed to take this trip, so he wanted no part of helping pay for it. So after hanging up on him, calming down and when I finally answered his call, he said fine I will pay for the first two night and you just pay for the other one, what SIGH of relief!!! Late that evening we meet two sisters in the hallway of the motel; we sat and talked for a very long time. The one lady goes to the sister, go get me my check book, Corbin needs something, she hands him money and says take momma and brother out for lunch.

On Wed was the Upper GI. Still not sure why?? I’m concerned about the other end but anyway they do the x-ray thingy and find out that Corb’s nissen has loosened. That’s why he has been “able” to throw up lately BUT it doesn’t explain “why” he’s been throwing up, in terrible pain and having crazy poo (this is going to be GROSS) I have been taking picture of his poo since about May 24th and I have been documenting everything. (This tummy episode has been a rollercoaster ride since May 3rd) After the x-ray we walked to their “down town” area and took pics and had subway for lunch, Corb was totally digging the sauce from my meatball sub, then back at the motel, I’m still having a hard time with the fact that the doc wasn’t going to be there so I called the nurses station in that department and asked isn’t there anyway to have a different doc, I came from 4hours away and I don’t even understand why he had an upper GI. She said it’s a starting point (I understand, kinda) and because the doc wasn’t there, nothing had been read yet (well duh), then she says some of the blood tests didn’t work so I needed to bring him back in. (When would I have found that out if I hadn’t called them) While getting ready to go, she calls back and says one of the other doc’s said lets do a tummy x-ray tomorrow. We go all the way back to the clinic give blood and at this point it’s going onto 4pm and Corb hasn’t had a nap in three days. Austin and I did everything to try to keep him awake but he was out! While standing waiting for the shuttle we meet a nice couple, they offered us some pops and back at the motel they gave Austin a bunch (THANK YOU). Corb slept threw the van ride, bringing him into the motel and changing his diaper without one flinch (poor buddy) That nurse calls back and says the doc didn’t think about it but because Corb had barium an x-ray wouldn’t read right. Corb slept straight threw until 3am

Thu since I was awake at 3am (my little stinker), I packed some and then I took a little nap until 7am. The driver called and asked if we wanted to leave earlier, I wanted to stay every second I paid for lol But I did have him come a little earlier tho, so wanted to go home. While Austin was getting breakfast he seen the sisters again and they told him, here’s a little something for being a good big brother. I ran down to say goodbye too and the one lady starts crying, she was so happy to have met us **blushing** I will never forget them that’s for sure. THANK YOU LADIES it was a pleasure to have meet you both. On the way home we had a wonderful driver (Thank you), we will call and ask for him from now on, when we need to go out of town. Sadly Corb had a real bad freakout!!!

I had to take him out of his wheelchair and hold him. He just wouldn’t calm down. He was doing his normal, cramp position, bright red face, very grumpy and you could see the pain in his face. I hope I do get some answers…..he don’t deserve this.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One pic for now

My beautiful boy!!!

I haven't updated for awhile now sorry.
I'm in the process of writing an update.

Here's a pic for now.....