Monday, May 24, 2010


I learned something VERY disturbing this weekend.

I noticed on Noah’s arm there were little bruises all over, I asked him who did that (thinking it was Austin) its two kids at school. I asked all the questions like are they friends playing, NO they are both just the mean kids I asked how long that has been happening “pretty much all year he says” I started just bawling. My poor Noah, he has a hard time with school anyway and now I know why it’s as bad as it is.

Dad called school this morning and talked to the officer, we’re waiting to hear.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Super Trooper

Corb did amazing today swimming with Jason (OT) Normally he's very nervous, his little face, chest and even his little knee caps get red and he holds himself in this I'm scared out of my mind position. Today there wasn't any holding himself, none at all!!! And only when we were getting ready to go into the shower/locker room after the swimming, he got one little red spot on one cheek. I'm so proud of my little buddy.

Even when he don't feel well he's still a trooper. Well accept for walking, just because we have a trial walker, he don't wanna try. Sarah told him this morning if you walk I'll turn on Maggie and the Ferocious Beast and well he did a few steps lol only the bare minimum though lol

I'm very excited we figured out a way to get my computer downstairs, we're going to just hook it up onto the TV in the living room. Yeah me!!!

I have a video of today's swimming but I have to wait to get the computer switched around.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mayo clinic

Well I called the GI doc's nurse to double check that, that's what he said "Colitis"

When the nurse called back she said, he said......I explained this all to her (me) yesterday (even she sounded rude the way she said it) it's Viral Colitis and there's no recommended treatment.

Time for a second option....while researching I came across The Mayo clinic ranked #1 in digestive health. Check out this info too....Overview and Treatment of Children

OK so first of all he's never been tested for Colitis and the nurse at Mayo never heard of Viral Colitis. So on June 7th we are headed to Rochester, Minnesota 3 1/2 hours away. Where he will be tested and we'll get a real FOR SURE diagnosis. The nurse said be prepared to stay around for a 3-4 days. It'll be out-patient so I have to come up with motel money but for Pook I'll do anything so I will find it :-)

I can NOT sit here and watch him suffer like this....over and over and over!!! Just not going to do it!!!

5 years later

It's crazy how broken my heart still is about Corb's accident. Corbin's progress makes it worth it but........

May 22 2005 was the worst day of my life but it also was the happiest day ever!!! I'm so happy I got to keep my baby.

I can't stop crying UGH!!!

We usually have a party on his anniversary (his re-birthday) We can't afford it this year but we are going to hang out as a family, daddy even took the day off. We got a gift certificate at Christmas for the movies so if the theater isn't to crazy (it'll be Corb's first movie) we're going to go to Shrek the third

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


While talking to the GI doc this evening, threw his thick accent I think he said "Colitis" I never heard him say that before, mind you Corb has never been tested for that either. I researched it, needless to say we will be heading to the cities, someone will listen there.

Here's the definition of Colitis.....this phrase is in: Treatment Severe colitis can be life-threatening and may require surgery. REALLY.........and I'm to just deal with it here at home.

Corb also had a low grade fever right before bed. SOOOOO frustrated!!!!!

Upto 6 months

REALLY....OMG!!!! The GI doc called he said it can take up to 6 months to recover from a virus. I'm calling the cities right now.

Just deal with it.....

OMGoodness I'm so frustrated!!!!!

Corb started throwing up again so this time I ran him to the ER, where he threw up 2 more time. That doc was great but of course has no clue what's wrong but he did say he don't agree with what the GI had told me about Corb's tummy episodes. The GI said it must be viral and to just deal with it when it happens. This one has been 2 1/2 WEEKS no one has a virus for 2 weeks and only vomits once and a while and has a freaken cramp in his side and the poo WOW so much poo UGH!!!!! The same GI doc I guess is going to call me today but other wise we will be off to the cities. Yeah we can afford that ugh!!!

Just deal with it I swear if I hear that one more time!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I got DropShots to work....ALL the photos and videos are there now too. Whoot whoot LOL


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

VIDEOS oh yeah venting too

I figured out how "One True Media" actually works lol and we have a share's all his Videos.

I need to contact "DropShots" I so like it better there. It's so much easier to upload there and to leave a comment there it's so simple, you just type in the little box lol. On One True Media there is a way to comment but I'm not even sure how lol

I will never stop fighting for my baby's "rights" to have THERAPY (not a home program) real therapy from real trained professional therapists.

About once a week I call the state's Member Services to check on the therapy PAs (prior authorizations). It was time to call on Friday and I just happened to get a very nice girl, she listened to the story about why I was calling her, asking about the PA in the first place. I explained that my son hasn't had therapy since he was 3yrs old and the only hold up has been the paperwork mix ups, the wrong wording, the wrong coding, blah blah blah. Well.........she has a friend in Provider Services. So.....on Monday I get a call from my girl (from Member Services) she had called her girl (in Provider Services), who then in turn called the therapy center girl (the PA processor) and explained VERY CAREFULLY how to fix the ST paperwork, so HOPEFULLY it will go threw again soon but of course again soon..the PT and OT sessions will be running out of time. So the therapists will again, have to write up all new PAs asking for more time. I also explained that to my girl (Member Services) too, she was just so shocked, she just couldn't understand why this was happening because he needs life long therapy UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I asked her, couldn't the therapists just ask for, like a year instead of weeks and she suggested to have a doc write out a script for a full 6month - 12months and hopefully the PA paperwork will be processed correctly from now on :-p shouldn't be that hard to get.

Screwing with the wrong mom........I tell ya!!!!

It would be different if we knew he wouldn't ever progress but he's NEVER had the chance to try (I know, I know except for with me LOL). He WILL show us, who he really is!!!!

Got the x-ray this evening, (the tech just let me look lol) he has tons of gas and some poo. He went twice before the x-ray and then again once after sooooo I'm hoping that is that....he just needs to poo more. Keep you fingers crossed. Getting these crampy tummy aches take about 4 days to recover from :-( we only have so many therapy sessions left :-(

Corb's the man, he's my little dude :-D

Caradie and Corbin
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2/23/10 Stretching drawing (an older one)

Tummy issues

Corb was throwing up yesterday morning, I called his doc asking if she would order an x-ray to see if there was a lot of poo, or none and of course the one time I really want her to do what I ask lol she says lets wait until tomorrow....ugh Well it's tomorrow and now he's holding himself in his cramp position and his little face keeps getting red....I wanted (it's still is early but yesterday would have been nice) to catching the cramp at the beginning stages so I can finally figure out, if maybe he just really don't need to go more or I do need to give him extra potty meds......instead of guessing!!! Because if he don't have to go poo, the potty meds can cause cramps. I HAVE TO know now......I'm sick of this happening to him every month'ish.

I just got off the phone she's ordering the x-ray now.....It might not get read until tomorrow though NICE....POOR KID!!!!

5/4/10 Yes and No

5/4/10 2nd Circus

5/4/10 "saying" drink at