Wednesday, December 23, 2009


back from surgery, my hands hurt so bad :-(

Friday, December 18, 2009


Well now my computer is really doing strange things. I can't check my e-mail. Part of the yahoo screen come on but then it errors out. UGH!!!

Anyway theres so much I could and want to say but really don't have time so I'm going to just do a little for tonight. Starting with Corbin ROCKS in therapy!!!!! Every movement of his arms and hands are totally purposeful now. He's even starting to just move fingers not the whole hand and he's watching what he's doing so much more. It's hard to explain and to the common person it would even be hard to see how HUGE this tiny step is. Corb is also doing a very nice job LEARNING how to use a smile for yes and closed lips for no. Again hard to's like I will ask him something like..... do you want to "bounce" huge want to put your "jammies on" his lips almost close lol he's so funny to he gives this little whine and huff when I ask about the jammies. I'll get it on video. Got my new camera and bigger memory card ;-D today and then although I can't get my computer to upload my Kodak software ugh I will have a way to get my videos to you guys soon :-p When asking him questions he always pays attention to me but doesn't always give a clear answer. I make my best guess and if it wasn't what he really wanted, I guess he will still learn...don't say yes to diaper, jammies or night night time lol or you have to go to bed sooner. He's so great about bed time now though. We have our little routine and the last thing I do is blow him a kiss and he never cries anymore. It's so awesome to have my time as soon as I put him down. Yeah for me lol

Anyway Jak is amazing!!! Got lots of video of him weeks ago, then ran out of memory lol I started taping already today LOL Going threw withdrawals here lol

Oh one more of my past workers (that I adored) wants to take some of Corb's hours. Her and I rocked at taking care of Corb CAN'T wait for her to come back (as long as my company will re-hire her lol)

Caradie and Corbin

Monday, December 14, 2009


Our state has this waiver program, where children with disabilities can use funds yearly to do things that the state medical assistance won't pay for and OMG we got it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our worker lady called today to let us know. Corb has been on the waiting list for over 4 years. And finally he got it. What a day!!!

Merry Christmas to us....... we are fixing our bathroom for Corb's needs first off. I'm so happy, I'm teary LOL

Caradie and Corbin

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have I ever said how much I hate computers

I HATE computers.

This has nothing to do with Nicole's hubby's work but it's now acting up in other ways. It will NOT let me upload my stuff off my camera so I have all these awesome videos and pics and I can't even get them off my cam UGH!!!

Here's hoping Santa's little helper **wink wink** brings a computer LOL for Christmas.

Thank you for all the posts, comments and e-mails making sure we were ok and for all the welcome backs.

I will get to that real update soon LOL I promise. I only have a million things going on, is all lol

My Sister is still in jail, that's only one of the stressful things ugh It's extra hard when she's in LA and we're in WI.

Caradie and Corbin

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back on-line just not up and running yet

Here's a HUGE THANK YOU to Nicole's hubby!!!!! I will be giving a better shout out as soon as I learn everything. Her hubby has a PC company, that I will be bragging about as soon as I know more :-D

Once I get everything reinstalled and figured out, I will give a real update but just know, Corb has been great. And Jak is an amazingly smart little dog and sometimes fits his (real) name, to a tee (JackA$$). I was calling Oliver (our cat) Jack because he is such an a$$, cause whenever you walk by him, he reaches out and swipes your leg LOL While at the shelter deciding about the puppy, we were thinking of names and Jack popped up and it stuck. I just spelled it Jak and Daxter (the PS2 video game, that I have won a million times)

A boy and his dog and a dog and his boy. They LOVE each other!!!!

Caradie and Corbin