Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incredible day!!!!

My mother, myself, the Brothers and Corb went to Wal-Mart (yes I know….again, it’s the third time just this week lol) Grammy helped us out by getting the Brothers some school supplies. The first two trips to Wal-Mart were horrible, Corb was totally freaking out, I got some of it on Video

Today he did awesome!!! He was able to sit still and he was even able to lean forward off the head rest and he could hold his own head for many seconds at a time (even while moving, wow lil buddy). Sometimes he could bring his head forward again all on his own, the times he couldn’t all I had to do is just bump the back of his head a little bit and he took over.

There’s more….We ran into Bill’s Grandma and Aunt, we haven’t seen them in years. It was great talking to them (Love you Grandma Gail and Jill, tell everyone Hi for us). They both follow Corb’s FaceBook, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I sure love sharing my poopie bear with all of you!!!

There’s more….While walking by this cute little kid in a cart, says hi to Corb. So I stopped and turned Corb around so he could say (smile) hi back. I find out the little boy is only just going into kindergarten. He was so smart and sweet, he asked a millions questions lol, the one that stuck with me is….why is he in a wheelchair? I say, because his brain doesn’t know how to let him walk, the little boy goes on, well….maybe when he’s “yours” age maybe then his brain will let him walk and he won’t need that wheelchair "no mores". I’m always so impressed with the little kids who aren’t afraid to talk to him even though he’s “different”

There’s more….I ran into my cousin (Hi Liz). We had a nice little chat while trying to find my Mother and the Brothers, so she could say hi to them too. Me and Corb have this little games when we can’t find who we are with, I whisper to him, (example) Grandma Brothers where are yooooou….once he starts giggling, I say it louder and louder and he gets louder and louder until he’s belly laughing. He’s a goof!

There’s more….My mother invited us out for lunch, we went to Julie’s restaurant, which happened to be on the news tonight and the waitress who did the interview for the news, was the one who delivered us some shocking news. She comes to the table to give us our pop and says you do NOT need to worry about the check, someone paid for the whole thing for you. WOW!!!! I couldn’t stop crying (teary now too). Austin said mom it’s ok, they just love us. Something as simple as someone stopping me so they can say Hi to Corb, means the world to me. And then some people go way over and beyond your wildest dreams….it’s just so amazing to have strangers care about you. THANK YOU!!! Who ever you are.

There’s more….it’s the most incredible part of this incredible day!!!!!!!!!! Corb rolled from his tummy to his back 3 times (I got the 2nd time on video). He hasn’t ever been able to do this on the flat ground….EVER!!!!

One more Video

Thursday, August 5, 2010

8-1 Mouth thing-got the camera at OneTrueMedia.com

If anyone has any suggestions on why he does this and/or how to stop it? PLEASE let me know.