Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great news, bad news, painful news & sick news

Great news: Corbie's custom made wheelchair got approved YEAH!!!!!!! His surgery for the pump is March 10th & then we will see the seating guy March 30th or 31st to take final measurements & see what kind of supports he will need since he will be looser. It will have a comfortable seat, a tray, vehicle tie downs, mounts for his eye gaze system & it's just an awesome chair all together.

Bad news: My sister is gone already, she decided nothing was wrong with her, “denial” EVERY one that loves her has told her she needs help :-( Oh well, I tried!!! Bill doesn't think I should be upset with her but I worked very hard to get her help & it turned out to be a HUGE waste of time, that took a lot of time away from my family & I could have lost my husband over it all.

Painful news: I had to have a carpel tunnel test yesterday called EMG boy-o-boy did it hurt. Well I have moderate to severe carpel tunnel & the only thing left to do is surgery. Me & Corb should hold the world record for having the most surgery's in only three months. Last year was bad for me too LOL Kidney stones surgery & then the 22 stitched to close the gash in my leg UGH lol

Sick news: The cold Corb has been fighting forever was just about gone & now he's sick again. 101.7 temp, won't eat, blah, sneezing & very stuffy. I can't wait for nice weather. It was kinda nice yesterday & today it's snowing & a storm is coming & it's only 16.

Caradie and Corbin

Monday, February 23, 2009

Half sister

I'm excited to finally be able to share this with everyone, I have a half sister.

She's been having some hard times emotionally & for sometime now I have been trying to get her to come home & take a break from her life in AZ, to work on herself.

Well she's finally here YEAH, I'm so proud of her. I hope this a new start for both of our lives.

As for an update about Corb, he's got a new facial expression, he has this weird eye brow thing, he raises his right eye brow & he looks confussed. He also really really sounds like he's saying all done appropriately.

Caradie and Corbin

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lots and lots of pictures

I started using MSN for Corb's pictures soon after his accident, well that site is closing, so I added them all to dropshots

All the pictures ended up on one day so on the left side there's albums
1 - Home therapy
2- Birth
3 - Before the accident
4 - Accident
5 - 2005
6 - 2006
7 - 2007
Baclofen trial

When I say lots and lots, I really mean lots and lots LOL there's about 680 new ones

Caradie and Corbin

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deadline and Surgery

On Fri the 13th (the deadline) I e-mailed in the petition with 634 signatures.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

I got Corbie's Baclofen pump surgery date yesterday, it's a huge relieve to not have to think about that any more. It's March 10th, the scheduler was able to get hin in, the exact week I wanted. The next week is Spring break for the college kids, so I won't have to cancel on them that week & then the next week is the brothers break, so I would have cancelled college anyway so this works out AWESOME.

Caradie and Corbin

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At it again LOL

I made a template for my shirts. Bill always does all the wood cutting but guess what I got up the courage & cut this out myself. I drew out the design, screwed two pieces of plywood together & then cut them into this shape. I've used all sorts of saws before but I had a place to clamp down the wood. Here I have to hold onto the wood & cut at the same time & well I'm a bit of a chicken. I seen my father almost cut his thumb off not pretty LOL.

There's also a few videos on dropshots.
I can't remember if I have mentioned this or not but Corb HATES juice.
For a very long time Corb has been able to drink juice from a cup, well he hasn't really gotten very good at it & I now know why. The juice must be to tart because a few weeks ago, I decided to try having him drink his tube feeding formula (chocie milk) He slams his drink now.
Oh yeah & I know I may have said this a few times before LOL Corb is a bit hyper LOL so anything that requires him being restrained he isn't to fond of. Well in the past few weeks he's been eating way nicer, sitting way nicer & just all around controlling himself better.
Wow I need to update more. Corb's neuro Dr increased of his medications last Friday & wow what a difference. He is using his arms way more purposefully. He really thinks it's great to grab my shirt when he's eating. I try to get away & he laughs & laughs.
One more thing then I'm going to bed LOL Corb's baclofen pump surgery date is March 10th. I'm very happy to not have to think about that part anymore YEAH!!
Caradie and Corbin

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Appointment mix up

When the girl called to reschedule the appt with the surgeon. It was scheduled for today at 12:45 well the time wasn't right, it wasn't until 3:00. That was a very long wait. They tried to see if we could get in early but unfortunately he was in surgery.

Corb had multi personality problems today that's for sure. LOL Trying to entertain a very hyper, very long almost 5yr old. With no where soft to lay him down or anywhere to watch TV was very challenging. He would whine. So I would play with him a little more, I would get pooped & he would start whining again. Spoiled (yeah I know I did it) Oh did I mention he HATES his wheelchair :-( He's a cow, that's as stiff as a board.

But the actual appointment went great, the Dr. was very friendly. I explained I really didn't have any questions. I know everything about the Baclofen pump, the surgery, the recovery, the therapy, the new life....which I'm so excited for.

Well a little update: The petition it's up to 533. The deadline is tomorrow. I'm sending in the petition at 11:50pm.

We still have time!!!!

Click here to: Sign the petition and fill in the required information

Carardie and Corbin

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life moves on

You all ROCK. The signatures keep flying in. Keep'em comin.

Friday, February 13th is the deadline so I will be e-mailing in the petition around 11:50pm Fri night. Click here to sign Corbie's petition

So for now life has to move on. Tomorrow Corb & I have to go all the way to the cities (3hours away) to see the surgeon that will be putting in Corbie's Baclofen pump.

The social worker's are awesome, at the hospital were we are going. Bill was very concerned about me driving that far in my van, so I brought up my concern to Corbie's Rehab Doc & he said do not worry about it I WILL get you a ride, there & back, every time you have to go. The social worker's got a hold of me the next week & had a ride ready for us WOW!!!
So one thing about tomorrow, I at least don't have to drive :-D I get to sit with my pookie “Ooops I said that out loud, didn't I?”

Well I'm off to bed, it's 11:30pm & we have to leave by 9:00am, which is early when you have to transfer a special needs car seat into a different vehicle. Especially because we have never had to do it before.

Caradie and Corbin

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New bed...for momma and daddy

Bill and I bought our selves our first "new" bed a few weeks ago, well it arrived today. It's so big it feels like were staying in a motel LOL.Caradie and Corbin

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let's move that bus...together

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
ABC is looking for nominations in the Duluth area

Please HELP nominate....
The Fritze's of Superior
by signing their petition

Corbin is the little boy that choked on a dog toenail

Go to:
Click on:
“Corbin's outta space” is back...

and sign your name

Let's move that bus.....together

Caradie and Corbin

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Signing made easy

PLEASE take just a second to sign Corbin's petition.
and fill in the required information
Caradie and Corbin

Friday, February 6, 2009


I started a new petition because there's a duplicate blocker on gopetition.

Please feel free to sign the new one.

The link is at on the top of the home page.

Or go here until I get an official address.

If anyone needs help signing....just e-mail me I can walk you thru it.

Caradie and Corbin

QUICK....Sign petition

I need you guys more then ever......PLEASE go sign Corbie's petition, also all the more comments all the more the producers will see how much the world loves Corb.

Come on guys we can do this!!!

Caradie and Corbin

Thursday, February 5, 2009

listen to B105

I don't know the details.

There will be more information on B105 with Cathy Kates tomorrow morning at 8:10am

Caradie and Corbin

Need help!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the questions they ask....

3. Explanation of why this family is deserving, heroic, or a positive role model in their community.

Anyone have any suggestion on what I should write????????????

Caradie and Corbin

Extreme MakeOver home edition

We are in Superior, right over the bridge from Duluth

I have many people contact me letting me know this....PLEASE send us your.....good thoughts, best wishes, Prayers, Spiritual energy or anything you believe in!!!!!!!!!

If you live around our area...listen to B105 at 8:10 am tomorrow (Fri. Feb 6th) Cathy Kates will be speaking to the producers of the show live.

Caradie and Corbin

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That sucked...AWESOME news

That sucked so bad having to have that extra worry but the breast nurse said she didn't even feel anything & the Doctor took a look around with the ultrasound & looked me in the eye & said leave here & be very happy there's nothen there. WOW!!!!

Bill squeezed my hand, (his way of saying AWESOME) then he just held me while I cried.

Caradie and Corbin

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Thankfully it's only bronchitis, they gave him a steroid shot & he's laying down for bed.

He was just so out of it today, he slept almost all day & every time he was awake he just cried coughed & cried some more but when he started weezing with rapid breathing, that's when I decided it was time.

They did an x-ray, it was clear.

I never seen him so mad at people, he just screamed at every one, got scared many times & cried a few times too. But HYPER. I don't feel great either & now I'm exhausted.

Thanks for checking in on him.

Caradie and Corbin

Off to ER

Corb has gotten worse, so I called the clinic & his doc happened to be the one on-call so her & I decided it's time to bring him in. Sorry I never mentioned this until now. Corb didn't get sick back then but he sure has been since Wed evening.

I'll keep you all posted.

Caradie and Corbin