Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great news, bad news, painful news & sick news

Great news: Corbie's custom made wheelchair got approved YEAH!!!!!!! His surgery for the pump is March 10th & then we will see the seating guy March 30th or 31st to take final measurements & see what kind of supports he will need since he will be looser. It will have a comfortable seat, a tray, vehicle tie downs, mounts for his eye gaze system & it's just an awesome chair all together.

Bad news: My sister is gone already, she decided nothing was wrong with her, “denial” EVERY one that loves her has told her she needs help :-( Oh well, I tried!!! Bill doesn't think I should be upset with her but I worked very hard to get her help & it turned out to be a HUGE waste of time, that took a lot of time away from my family & I could have lost my husband over it all.

Painful news: I had to have a carpel tunnel test yesterday called EMG boy-o-boy did it hurt. Well I have moderate to severe carpel tunnel & the only thing left to do is surgery. Me & Corb should hold the world record for having the most surgery's in only three months. Last year was bad for me too LOL Kidney stones surgery & then the 22 stitched to close the gash in my leg UGH lol

Sick news: The cold Corb has been fighting forever was just about gone & now he's sick again. 101.7 temp, won't eat, blah, sneezing & very stuffy. I can't wait for nice weather. It was kinda nice yesterday & today it's snowing & a storm is coming & it's only 16.

Caradie and Corbin

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Kalena said...

Wow Caradie forst off. I am excited for Corbin and I can't wait for videos of him using the eys gaze system, Its also so great he is getting an new comfy chair. I know that feeling.
I am sorry about your sister. But I was always toled by my Mom If you love something let it go if it comes back... I think your sister by the way you say does need help. I am sure she will come to reliaze this. Sorry about your carpel tunnel. I will pray for you and your family.
Hugs Kalena and family