Thursday, February 12, 2009

Appointment mix up

When the girl called to reschedule the appt with the surgeon. It was scheduled for today at 12:45 well the time wasn't right, it wasn't until 3:00. That was a very long wait. They tried to see if we could get in early but unfortunately he was in surgery.

Corb had multi personality problems today that's for sure. LOL Trying to entertain a very hyper, very long almost 5yr old. With no where soft to lay him down or anywhere to watch TV was very challenging. He would whine. So I would play with him a little more, I would get pooped & he would start whining again. Spoiled (yeah I know I did it) Oh did I mention he HATES his wheelchair :-( He's a cow, that's as stiff as a board.

But the actual appointment went great, the Dr. was very friendly. I explained I really didn't have any questions. I know everything about the Baclofen pump, the surgery, the recovery, the therapy, the new life....which I'm so excited for.

Well a little update: The petition it's up to 533. The deadline is tomorrow. I'm sending in the petition at 11:50pm.

We still have time!!!!

Click here to: Sign the petition and fill in the required information

Carardie and Corbin

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Caroline and Alex said...

Hey Caradie, I sent your petition info through facebook and my email list. I noticed you have about 200 more signatures today so that's great! By the way, my daughter even noticed some names on there from her friends list which is big for a 22 year old! Go get them (then let's work on a new house for Alex!)