Thursday, February 5, 2009

Need help!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the questions they ask....

3. Explanation of why this family is deserving, heroic, or a positive role model in their community.

Anyone have any suggestion on what I should write????????????

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

Through your almost-daily blog, you give insight to strangers in the global Internet community on the joys and challenges of raising a child with special needs. You are an advocate for the families who are committed to obtaining the best care for their children but do not have all the necessary resources. You network with other families with similar issues to exchange information and provide support.

I can't speak for your local community, but over the computer I'm impressed with how much you accomplish with what you have.

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with the above statement. There is no one family that I know or that I can say does things not only for their own family ,but for other families as well.

Caradie,you make theraputic devices for Corbie with items you and your husband find around the house. You both have an extradnary imagination when it comes to creativity.

As we all know most of these devices are/can be very expensive in today's slow ecomony its even more difficult for a family to afford these items for a child who has special needs and needs this equipment to thrive.

Without your love,support,and will to share your inventions some families would have to do without.

Much love and best of luck

Lori Schweiger said...

Ah, well, considering the fact that you live on a very busy street, you have no room to get outside for much needed fresh air & play ground for all 3 boys, you have absolutely minimal resources to work with, no room for necessary family function, and the fact that you need all the therapies, I'd say that that would probably put it mildly. That & the fact that the house is very old & you have minimal funds for improvement & the city doesn't help matters much. Good luck.

Lori S.

Kalena said...

From following Corbins Progress since this happened I have seen such a improvment in him because of the things you do. But unfortuniley your house need to be larger to acoomedate Corbins needs if he could have his own terapy room with a larger amount of space imagen how much more farther he could come. If anyone is desrserving its your family. with having to pay for therapy and medical equipment and medical/doctors bills you unfortunitley do not have the resources to do this on your own you share Corbin with the internet world and I know everyone has fallen in love with his smile laugh and spirit he is such a strong boy and I know he gets that from you. It would be nice to be able to see Corbin in a acessible house as well I know you are doing your veery best for him and I see this in his improvement he has made. Imagen if you had a bigger therapy room for all his equipment that he using like the seating system. A accesible place outside where he could hang out a bigger backyard would be nice as well some where he could play outside a swing for him wow when I think of it the possibbilties are endless I am so excited for you guys.

Also my hunney suggested this since Rob owns his own buisness as the flyer guy here so he said since he has over 30 thousand susscraibers to his website he will forward the caringbridge link and a few paragraphs of what you need and people can email you. If you would ike us to do this we would love to help out. Send me a email and let us know.
Kalena and Family