Monday, September 29, 2008

To who left the comment...

While Austin was still at the skate park he used someone cell phone & called the cops & then called me, he stayed on the phone with me until the cops arrived.

The cops found the kid & charged him with disorderly conduct. I really hope his parents find out what kind of kid he must be.

Sorry Austin but Austin is a little different (because of his disability) so kids find him as an easy target, especially because he sticks up for himself & gets so angry so likely kids think it's funny so they feel they have a reason to keep at him.


What is this world coming too???

I'm feeling very upset. Corbie's brothers Austin 13 & Noah 10 enjoy going to the skate park by our house, well a few days ago Austin was sticking up for one of the non-popular kids & he got punched in the eye & then in the back of the head, well then last night it got a lot worse, a different kid pulled out a knife & threatened to slice him.

What is this world coming too???

I don't mean to brag but I have VERY good kids, well mannered, bright, sweet boys & the trouble just seems to find them. UGH!!!

Sorry to vent on Corbie's site.

A note about Corb, he's being very difficult at night. It's so hard to tell if it's something wrong or him just being to spoiled. I will get him asleep & I will try to get up & he wakes up screaming but he's pushing really hard with him tummy so I just don't know if it's because I'm leaving him or his tummy hurts. UGH!!!

I have decided to see how he's acting today & tonight & if he's fine during the day & then acts like that tonight, I'm going to get tough with him & he will have to learn to go to sleepy without momma again. Some of you might remember that I did that last year & he was learning, the crying became less & less but then we went to Hudson & being in a motel I didn't want to wake anyone with his crying so I started holding him to sleep again & it has just never went back to him learning to fall asleep on his own. He does always act like this when he doesn't feel well but I just don't know, so like I said I might have to tough on him again. STINKER


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Up screaming & College

Corb was up a lot last night & every time he woke up he would just scream & scream. He was acting like his tummy hurt, like maybe gas.

But now today he's been in a great mood besides some whining (SPOILED), he's been eating great again & even came outside with me while I cleaned up the garage.

Picking him up doesn't seem to hurt him anymore either YEAH!!!

I'm very excited (as long as my van gets fixed) tomorrow is his first day back to college for this school year. This will be his third year going to the PT clinic @ LSC (Lake Superior College) & then in January he will also be going back to the OT clinic @ CSS (College of St. Scholastica for the third year. And then this year is his first year going to the ST clinic (augmentative communication) @ UMD (University of Minnesota Duluth).

He gets OT @ St. Luke's but we are still fighting to get PT & ST.

Caradie & Corbin

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Roller coaster

Since we got home from the hospital Corb has been really having a hard time with his g-tube site. It's been really hurting him. But yesterday he seemed to be feeling better. Until last night, Corb ending up going to bed really early, like 7:00pm but then was back up around 10:00pm. Normally what happens, if he wakes up, is I sit & hold him to get the burps out & he falls back to sleep but last night every time I tried to lay him back down he would totally freak out again & again, so I brought him down stairs & just sat in the reclining chair & he fell asleep in my arms (spoiled I know) & we slept like that until about 1:00am, I was able to then lay him down on the couch but then he was back up around 4:00am & he was awake all day today (in a pretty good mood) until about 4:00pm when I just couldn't take his crying anymore. I decided he needed to try & take a nap so him & I laid down (he screamed & screamed) but we both fell asleep for an hour. He has been in a pretty good mood now this evening & he was even able to stand up in his foot plate to go potty. And he ate better. He hasn't been eating. The nurse thinks because things are swollen he just don't feel good enough to eat yet.

I just can't wait to get back into a routine & I bet he really can't wait either. I know he's gotta be bored out of his mind but with this much pain, I couldn't hardly even pick him up without him crying. So hoping for a better day.

OH yeah we just spend over $800.00 to fix my van & now the brakes totally went out so that's going to be about another $200.00 more. I hate money!!! Because we don't have any LOL

Caradie & Corbin

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Corb amazes

Today I had the MyTobii rep come out to the house to show Corb & I the system.

As you all know Corb is an amazing boy but today he showed how truly amazing he is. He did everything the rep asked him to do to get the system calibrated to his eyes. He followed directions to look at what we asked him too (without the laser light some of the time). He explored the pages. He even took over when the rep was trying to change something. LOL

Corbin shared today how much farther he can go, in just an hour of playing/working with a system that can talk for him. WOW!!!!!!! What a great day!!!

One symbol he kept looking back at was "not a good day" I don't blame him for saying that over & over. His little tummy is so sore. He's a lucky kid though, he gets to just lay around & watch cartoons all day LOL.

Caradie & Corbin

Monday, September 22, 2008

Everything is fine

Corbie's pediatrician called wound care & the lady said it just sounds irritated because of the surgery & all the extra usage of the tube.

So pretty much I was already doing what she suggested. I have a 4x4 gauge pad around the tube site & I was using A & D ointment, the only difference is she suggested desitin.

Corb's doctor did agree to half formula & half pedialyte for a few days. Also what I'm going to do is run a tube feed during the day tomorrow too, since his crazy busy schedule don't start until next week.

Off to the doctor

I talked to the surgeon's nurse today about some problems Corb seems to be having since we came home.

He's gagging,
having trouble swallowing,
he won't eat,
his tummy is gurgling,
his tummy is upset,
his g-tube site is almost for sure infected
& he hasn't went poo much (which is kinda normal).

So she explained that the gagging, trouble swallowing & not wanting to eat, is because things are still swollen (she said swelling peaks 7-10 days after surgery) & the tummy gurgling is from the excess air because he's trying to get used to the new feeling & learning to burp with things being different, so right now his tummy is very active.

So for now I'm leaving his g-tube vented.

The nurses had this niffy way to keep a g-tube venting without making a mess. You take a 10cc syringe, wrap a plastic glove around it & hook it up to a tube. It works very well. When the glove is full of air or liquid, you can just take the syringe off the end of the tube & empty it.

As for the tummy hurting & the g-tube site seeming to be infected, she wants me to bring Corbie to his primary pediatrician. But she did say the site does sound infected & that maybe his tummy hurts because it's just not ready for so much tube feeding formula. (I decided a while back that I wanted to do an over night feed so I don't have to worry about getting all of his calories in orally so we can work on some new kinds of foods.) The surgeon just had the hospital dietitian start the tube feeds. So the nurse suggested that maybe for now we should do half formula & half pedialyte.
After talking to her I feel so much better. I have been worried about him all weekend.
So we are off to the doctor at 4:00

Saturday, September 20, 2008

From the hospital

Corb was pretty blah the whole time he was in the hospital

This is Otis a therapy dog that visit Gillette every Tuesday.

It's he HUGE. He's an English Mastiff

Corb didn't really get to pet him much because he was in to much pain to pick him up so Otis could reach him.

But on Thursday night there was a dog show & because Corb was feeling better & wasn't hooked up to anything anymore we went & stayed after to meet all the doggies.

I have been thinking about getting Corb a service dog & now after that dog show I know what kind. The little tiny Papillon was the sweetest & very smart.

Caradie & Corbin

Friday, September 19, 2008

We're home

Corb slept all the way home. The second I turned the van off he woke up & was all smiles.

I will get the pictures up as soon as I can but it's going to take me a while to find the camera with all the crap I brought with to the hospital (that I really didn't need)

Caradie & Corbin

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's update

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. Corb & I just took a 4 hour nap, it felt great because no one bugged us LOL.

Corb is doing pretty well today I can tell his tummy is really sore but the foot is totally fine.

The surgon came in today & we get to go home tomorrow. I talked to the nurses about leaving right after lunch since it's such a long drive.

Caradie & Corbin

Doing much better..

Corb is such a trooper. He doesn't seem to be having anymore pain in his little foot/leg. He's totally moving it around without the ouch face.

That was a very hard deal to go through for him & I.

His 4 little incisions are seeming to feel better too. He's been put on pedilyte & a soft diet. So for supper he had applesauce, pudding (just a little since he's off dairy) & some juice & right now he's totally out. I just love him so much!!!!!

Caradie & Corbin

Something came up...

Well I said I wouldn't update again today unless something came up well something big came up. I was stretching Corb's leg & his ankle snapped forward, he started screaming in pain, tears were rolling & I was also bawling.

They did 5 x-rays thank goodness nothing is broken. The doc said since he don't seem to be in a lot of pain now we will just leave it but if it's hurting bad tomorrow he can put a splint on it.

I just can't believe it, I try to help Corb & I hurt him. I just feel so bad, I just keep crying.

Caradie & Corb

Today is going well...

We have decided he doesn't need any more morphine so there hasn't been any more rentching. Thank goodness that scares to poo out of me. He has had some clear liquids & most of his normal meds.

So far today Corb has had many smiles & has even been laughing at me & once at Roary from Blue's Room. All the nurses adore him & they don't even get to see his true personality because of the pain & the pain meds. But he's trying to get back to himself.

Corb did also get to see a HUGE doggie last night named Otis, I have pictures I will upload when we get home. He is so cool, Corb didn't really get to pet him because he was in to much pain to be moved so Otis couldn't reach him. But momma had fun. I miss having a dog :-(

Have a wonderful day & I will update again if theres something more today, other wise it will be tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Everything is going good

Corb is in his room watching Blue's Clues with the nurse, so I was able to get away to update.

Corb's surgery went well the doc only had to make 4 small incisions. He found a hernia in his belly button so he fixed that too.

Corb is on morphine for the rest of today so he's pretty well drugged. As you all know he's a very smiley boy but only after hours did he finally give me a smile.

One thing very scary did happen, the nurse & I were trying to moisten his mouth & it upset him & he started wrenching I was worried he would rip something. But he seems fine.

That's all for today, thanks for keeping him in your thoughts.

Caradie & Corbin

Short update...

Corb is in surgery right now. I got to bring him back & stay until he was sleepy. I left in tears though. He was arching, gagging & really scared. But I got everything into his room & I'm heading back to the waiting room. Keep him in your thoughts OK.

Thanks Caradie

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Surgery Tuesday

I'm so ready for Corb to have this surgery but I'm also terrified. (the surgery is the Nissen Fundoplication)

Corb & I leave tomorrow around 1pm, we will spend Monday night in a motel due to the appointment being so early in the morning Tuesday. The surgery is scheduled for 9am & I think he said it would be only about 20 mins. Then we will stay in the hospital for 3-5 days depending on Corb's recovery.

I really wouldn't be putting him through this if I didn't believe whole heartedly this surgery was what he needs to continue to progress. How can you do lots of therapy when you spit up in you mouth all the time YUMM

Poor baby boy.

Anyway please keep us in mind for the next week or so.

Caradie & Corbin

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just wanna scream

Those of you who follow Corbie's story know that, I never let things get me down anymore, well today was a blow. I have been full of emotions from crying, to completely pissed, to hurt.

I got a phone call from the RN who has Corbie's case for the PCW's well she informed me that our state medical assistance cut his whopping 4 hours a day down to 2 hours & 15 mins a day.

We also have not heard about PT or ST services either. MA has been holding us up for about a year now.

Just a very crappy day.


Friday, September 5, 2008

New wheelchair

The wheelchair rep came to therapy today to talk over all the options for Corbie's new wheelchair. I picked candy blue for the color & I think it's going to be a great choice for Corb. I tried to find a pic of it on-line but I couldn't find one. But it's a Zippy Iris tilt in space.

Thanks for checking in on my little man.