Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Corb amazes

Today I had the MyTobii rep come out to the house to show Corb & I the system.

As you all know Corb is an amazing boy but today he showed how truly amazing he is. He did everything the rep asked him to do to get the system calibrated to his eyes. He followed directions to look at what we asked him too (without the laser light some of the time). He explored the pages. He even took over when the rep was trying to change something. LOL

Corbin shared today how much farther he can go, in just an hour of playing/working with a system that can talk for him. WOW!!!!!!! What a great day!!!

One symbol he kept looking back at was "not a good day" I don't blame him for saying that over & over. His little tummy is so sore. He's a lucky kid though, he gets to just lay around & watch cartoons all day LOL.

Caradie & Corbin

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Luke's Mom said...

It's so good to hear that Corbin is doing so wonderful. I really enjoy hearing all your wonderful updates about his progress. You really are an amazing Mama!

Suzi Searles