Saturday, September 27, 2008

Roller coaster

Since we got home from the hospital Corb has been really having a hard time with his g-tube site. It's been really hurting him. But yesterday he seemed to be feeling better. Until last night, Corb ending up going to bed really early, like 7:00pm but then was back up around 10:00pm. Normally what happens, if he wakes up, is I sit & hold him to get the burps out & he falls back to sleep but last night every time I tried to lay him back down he would totally freak out again & again, so I brought him down stairs & just sat in the reclining chair & he fell asleep in my arms (spoiled I know) & we slept like that until about 1:00am, I was able to then lay him down on the couch but then he was back up around 4:00am & he was awake all day today (in a pretty good mood) until about 4:00pm when I just couldn't take his crying anymore. I decided he needed to try & take a nap so him & I laid down (he screamed & screamed) but we both fell asleep for an hour. He has been in a pretty good mood now this evening & he was even able to stand up in his foot plate to go potty. And he ate better. He hasn't been eating. The nurse thinks because things are swollen he just don't feel good enough to eat yet.

I just can't wait to get back into a routine & I bet he really can't wait either. I know he's gotta be bored out of his mind but with this much pain, I couldn't hardly even pick him up without him crying. So hoping for a better day.

OH yeah we just spend over $800.00 to fix my van & now the brakes totally went out so that's going to be about another $200.00 more. I hate money!!! Because we don't have any LOL

Caradie & Corbin


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Corbin is in pain...I hope it gets better really soon. I hate money too!!!! for the same reason

Donna (mom to Hannah aka Princess of the Universe)

Anonymous said...

I will pray that Corbin starts to heal quickly. I love money, I just wish I had some.

nurseratchette said...

Prayers are on the way. May I make a suggestion? Use some hydrocortisone around the G-tube site. I'm a homecare RN in cali, and thats what I use, it helps by numbing it. Also call ur Dr and ask for some motrin for Corby if hes not on a little something. I pray Corby has a quick recovery.
God Bless