Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today is going well...

We have decided he doesn't need any more morphine so there hasn't been any more rentching. Thank goodness that scares to poo out of me. He has had some clear liquids & most of his normal meds.

So far today Corb has had many smiles & has even been laughing at me & once at Roary from Blue's Room. All the nurses adore him & they don't even get to see his true personality because of the pain & the pain meds. But he's trying to get back to himself.

Corb did also get to see a HUGE doggie last night named Otis, I have pictures I will upload when we get home. He is so cool, Corb didn't really get to pet him because he was in to much pain to be moved so Otis couldn't reach him. But momma had fun. I miss having a dog :-(

Have a wonderful day & I will update again if theres something more today, other wise it will be tomorrow.


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Amy said...

I have been thinking about you and Corbie a lot the last few days. I am so glad he is laughing and getting back to himself.