Sunday, September 28, 2008

Up screaming & College

Corb was up a lot last night & every time he woke up he would just scream & scream. He was acting like his tummy hurt, like maybe gas.

But now today he's been in a great mood besides some whining (SPOILED), he's been eating great again & even came outside with me while I cleaned up the garage.

Picking him up doesn't seem to hurt him anymore either YEAH!!!

I'm very excited (as long as my van gets fixed) tomorrow is his first day back to college for this school year. This will be his third year going to the PT clinic @ LSC (Lake Superior College) & then in January he will also be going back to the OT clinic @ CSS (College of St. Scholastica for the third year. And then this year is his first year going to the ST clinic (augmentative communication) @ UMD (University of Minnesota Duluth).

He gets OT @ St. Luke's but we are still fighting to get PT & ST.

Caradie & Corbin

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