Sunday, September 14, 2008

Surgery Tuesday

I'm so ready for Corb to have this surgery but I'm also terrified. (the surgery is the Nissen Fundoplication)

Corb & I leave tomorrow around 1pm, we will spend Monday night in a motel due to the appointment being so early in the morning Tuesday. The surgery is scheduled for 9am & I think he said it would be only about 20 mins. Then we will stay in the hospital for 3-5 days depending on Corb's recovery.

I really wouldn't be putting him through this if I didn't believe whole heartedly this surgery was what he needs to continue to progress. How can you do lots of therapy when you spit up in you mouth all the time YUMM

Poor baby boy.

Anyway please keep us in mind for the next week or so.

Caradie & Corbin


Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you and Corbin. I hope the surgery is not hard on either of you and you get back home to the rest of your family. You will be in my thoughts for sure this week.
Donna (mom to Hannah aka Princess of the Universe)

Anonymous said...

All my prayers go out to you Corbin. May you come through this with ease and continue making progress everyday. You have an incredible mom and she will see you through all of your challenges.

Sherri & Matthew

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of you Corbie. Sending out lots of prayers your way.

Sara and Rachel said...

Praying all goes well and you'll be back before you know it. ::hugs::

annie said...

Keeping you both in prayer.

Caroline said...

Dear Caradie,
Thanks for the info on the mytobii! I am forwarding the info. Trying to "unlock" our children to reach their potential is a never ending battle. Praying for Corbie tomorrow but you will probably wish you had done this earlier as he will be so much more comfortable. That is how it has been with Alex and his baclofen pump. Hated to do it but grateful we did and could kick myself that I did not agree to look into it earlier as I thought he would be able to overcome the arching and other movements with therapy. Sometime our guys just need a little help! Caroline and Alex