Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At it again LOL

I made a template for my shirts. Bill always does all the wood cutting but guess what I got up the courage & cut this out myself. I drew out the design, screwed two pieces of plywood together & then cut them into this shape. I've used all sorts of saws before but I had a place to clamp down the wood. Here I have to hold onto the wood & cut at the same time & well I'm a bit of a chicken. I seen my father almost cut his thumb off not pretty LOL.

There's also a few videos on dropshots.
I can't remember if I have mentioned this or not but Corb HATES juice.
For a very long time Corb has been able to drink juice from a cup, well he hasn't really gotten very good at it & I now know why. The juice must be to tart because a few weeks ago, I decided to try having him drink his tube feeding formula (chocie milk) He slams his drink now.
Oh yeah & I know I may have said this a few times before LOL Corb is a bit hyper LOL so anything that requires him being restrained he isn't to fond of. Well in the past few weeks he's been eating way nicer, sitting way nicer & just all around controlling himself better.
Wow I need to update more. Corb's neuro Dr increased of his medications last Friday & wow what a difference. He is using his arms way more purposefully. He really thinks it's great to grab my shirt when he's eating. I try to get away & he laughs & laughs.
One more thing then I'm going to bed LOL Corb's baclofen pump surgery date is March 10th. I'm very happy to not have to think about that part anymore YEAH!!
Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

what neuro meds is he on? We just started Makenzie on Baclaphen and she seems to be doing well with it.

Caradie and Corbin said...

Hi Pam,

It's Cogentin (Benztropine)

Corb was a pretty high dose of Baclofen & it really didn't make him much looser & it was just so much medication he was in a drugged state.

Kalena said...

I am so happy Corbin gets this surgury wow finally I will pary for you and Corbin on this date that everything goes as it should.
Sorry so short but I have a bad case of food poisobing going to lay down now
Gods Be Kalena and Family