Monday, March 2, 2009

Corbin's birthday...Surgery and more hours

Corbin's 5th birthday is in tomorrow. OMGosh how time flies.
We do not celebrate his birthday though. That little boy died that day. Can ya tell it's a hard day for me, still.

Instead we celebrate Corbie's anniversary, that's the day his new life began.
On May 22nd it will be 4 yrs.

His surgery is in 8 days. I'm so nervous and excited. This is going to be such a GREAT new start.

I talked to the scheduler at Corbie's PCW company today, she called to tell me that every shift is covered accept every other weekend morning. YEAH! It's hard to get into a good routine when there's always new people to training in. These are my favorite girls so far. Both are great with him and love to help me out. Morning shift 7:30 – 9:30 Evening shift 5:30 – 7:30
Sarah has every week day morning and every weekend and Wed night
Jenny has every Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri evening & every other weekend morning

So I only have every other weekend morning – I'll just deal that one my self.

Also I talked to her about the extra hour a day we get for three weeks after his surgery. I asked his RN if we could request more hours for a few weeks after his surgery. Well they figured out that Corb has an extra 24 hours a year anyway, so he gets 1 hr a day for three weeks YEAH (for me) If we need it longer, she will have to send in a PA (prior authorization) which is a pain in the @$$.

Well on that note LOL Corb isn't sleeping very well again UGH! I'm so very tired. Stupid weather, he can't get rid of this cold. He's supper stuffy and his cough is nasty. It's makes laying down pretty hard.


Luke's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Corbin!

I too know how hard Birthday's can be, Luke turns 6 in a week, it's so hard to believe.

I will be praying that Corbin gets healthy again soon and that you both get some sleep. Sleepless nights can be so hard!

Suzi Searles

Kalena Mallon said...

Hi Caradie I too know how hard birthdays can be R.J would have been 4 this March 23rd. I am glad you celebrate the day his new life began. Corbin is a very special inspriration to our family and many others. I will pray you two get more sleep and he feels better. I will also pray that his surgury goes as planned.
All Our Love Hugs and Prayers
Kalena and Family