Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd day update

Corb is doing so well, he's talking up a storm and hyper as usual.

He had one IV and the foley catheter taken out so far. He has one IV left just in case he needs narcotic pain reducers. He doesn't seem to even be in that much pain though, he's just on tylenol 3 now and a little valium to help him fall asleep. Well accept this evening he had BAD gas pains, I mean bad, he was bright red, screaming & stiff as a board. But we got it. They gave him some gas meds, we put warming blankets on his tummy and I talked him through it. He has one more day of laying flat then he gets to slowly start sitting up, that will help with the gas.

He's still super tight so they are increasing the dose in the pump by 10% until he gets to the desired tone. So far he's up to 100 mircograms. Most kiddos are between 300-600

Well I'm off to bed. I will video tape him a little tomorrow to show how much he's back to himself.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

So glad Corbin is doing well. That gas can be a "bear"......praying for all of you. Donna (mom to Hannah aka Princess of the Universe)

Anonymous said...

Hi Corbie,
I am pleased you are doing so well with everything. So sorry you had to go through the gas stuff,I hope your having a better day today. Tell mama thanks for posting the updates on how your doing. Take care~Darlene

Caroline said...

Hi Caradie,
Glad all is going well for Corbin! Alex's pump is at 538 mg per day, in fact we just had it refilled today! The needle going in makes me too queezy so I have someone else stand in while it is being done.
Corbie looks as though he is about Alex's size and you would think the pump would be irritating but Alex rolls over on it and doesn't seem to be bothered by it when he sits up so....
Alex's cathetor? is up higher than most to help out with his arms more than his legs since we are focusing on his being able to use his hands eventually.
Glad all is going well, just remember about the rebound effect and you will save yourself lots of agonizing and frustration! Caroline

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my prayers! Hope the gas pain goes away soon!

In Christ's love,