Saturday, March 14, 2009

Self esteem boost

This is what one of Corbie's supports wrote on his caringbridge guestbook...


I have just spent the last hour in a half to two hours looking over Corbin's website ( and his caring bridge site, along with watching the videos you have made at One True Media.

YES, that is a A special kind of LOVE!!! the song you picked out and somethings are just hard to put into words. Like the lyrics say, "You say it Best...When you say nothing at All"

I've read all the updates, all the guest book entires at his site, and looked at all the photos. I don't think I had the chance to get every single one, however, I went way back and just followed up to day. I've watched the video drop shots of Corbin from his surgery recently, and................all I can truly say...........YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!!!!!!!! You are a pillar of strength and an inspiration to everyone!!!

Yes, I've watched and seen the "tour" of your house that you have made a video on One True Media. Wow, my sweet lady, you need to have Tye come and build you a new house. Not for a new house, because no matter what, a home is what you make of it. And I truly have to say......that I see SO MUCH LOVE, SUPPORT, & HOPE in that home!!!! It doesn't matter the size, it's what's inside that counts!! And I see that and so much more!!!

Sweetie, you are such a deserving person and your family deserves this SO MUCH!!!!!!!! How I pray for you and your family to be nominated for Extreme Make Over, Home Edition.

Corbin has touched my heart way back in 06-07, when I learned of his story. Each and every time I drive by your house, I honk, and it's just my way of saying hello and that I'm thinking of you and supporting you and Corbin, along with your family. Don't give up home lady!! Hang on strong!!! I have faith for you. AND I must add, you are doing, and I mean truly AMAZING JOB with Corbin. You have dedicated your life to Corbin and your family. Corbin and your family is YOUR WORLD!!! That is so BEAUTIFUL to see. I truly can feel and see the love that is in your house today and the support you give to your sons. I can see in Corbin's eyes that he LOVES you so, and loves his mamma so MUCH!!!!

You are such a beautiful lady, and even more beautiful on the inside. It's people like you Caradie, that make this world a better place to live.

May God Bless You Caradie, and I'm thinking of you, supporting you and praying for you and your family.

With much Love and Prayer,

Love, Dawn (a/k/a Former Author of ^Evelyn^ Lundeen's Caring Bridge Site)

Dawn thank you for being another faithful follower.

Caradie and Corbin


nanci said...

Wow, she is right you know! You are doing an amazing job with Corbin. love nanci

Anonymous said...

Your very welcome sweet lady. I truly meant every word I wrote.

And most of all, I feel it in my heart, that God will answer your prayers.

With much loving Support,

Dawn Van Camp(a/k/a Former Author of ^Evelyn^ Lundeen's caring Bridge Site)