Monday, March 23, 2009

Such a great boy

Sorry for the lack of updates, there isn't a lot we can do right now due to the incisions. I even brought him to the ER last night, because his back incision has a hard lump by it & there's fluid around his pump.

The ER doc called right to the floor where Corb was when he got the pump, they came to the conclusion that the one on his back may be the body reacting to the foreign objects (stitches) & the fluid was because the binder wasn't on tight enough. I thought I had it pretty tight but now I got it real tight (poor thing) There is less fluid though.

Today I did have him sitting/leaning against me while he had his knee immobilizers on. Long sitting has always been hard for him, so we went real slow.

I have been putting his splints on a few times a day, for a few minutes at a time, I'm trying to get him used to them, then when he feels better, he will be ok with them while doing the ROM with them.

He has been a great boy through all this. I'm very proud of him.

So far there's a few things he's already doing so much better, his eating is going so great he's even taking bites & he pushes his tongue out when he needs to burp & can't fit anymore in LOL, (the nissen is a little tight, he's having a hard time getting food past it), he's slamming his chocy milk & he's been goober talking, every day ALL day & so many new, silly sounds.

He's a nut!!!! :-D Like his momma.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

So glad Corbin is doing good. I hope the knee immobolizers help. I am getting Hannah's tomorrow. We have never had a problem keeping her legs down but now we do since the surgery. Go figure! Talk to you later. Donna (mom to Hannah aka Princess of the Universe)

Luke's Mom said...

I'm so glad to hear that Corbin is doing better. I often wonder if we are going to be going down the same road as Corbin, with Luke getting a pump some day. Only time will tell, he still does not weigh enough yet.

You are a blessed Momma, Corbin is doing so well, keep up the hard work, believe me I know just exactly how hard it can be!

Love in Christ,

Adrianne said...

Corbin and Caradie-
I'm so glad to see that the surgery went well and that he's keeping a smile on. Things are looking great. I'd love the chance to see Corbin again in the next few months.

Keep up the great work being an awesome mom and family.

Adrianne (St. Scholastica OT Student)

Kalena said...

We are very happy to here that Corbin is doing well. We will continue to pray for his full recovery.
Kalena and Family

Amy said...

So glad to hear that Corbin is doing so well!! I will keep praying that he recovers very fast and makes more progress in leaps and bounds. Love you guys!

Amy and Emma