Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To many things to have a title LOL

Corb is doing so great. He's very happy, he's eating better then ever, he's doing great with drinking, he's calmer, he's some looser, he's reaching more, he's goober talking a lot more, his tummy hardly hurts, he's able to be in the standie, he's able to be on his tummy (a little), he's tolerating the arm and leg splints well, he got approved for his new wheelchair (he gets it in one month), he's going to have a 4 week trial with the Eye Gaze system (as soon as his chair is ready), his pump is up to 210 (he has another appointment next Tuesday to increase it again and to refill it) and as soon as he feels totally better we were given lots of exercises, ROM, therapy, breathing treatments and he now he needs an hour to eat. Because these are all things that the therapists, doctors and surgeons have added we may be able to get more PCW hours daily. I can't imagine I could possibly keep up with it all, without help. I put together a whole packet of information including what a daily schedule needs to look like, explaining detail by detail what needs to be done every day including all the extras and I added in all the reports, notes, exercise instructions and then I gave it all to the nurse from Corbie's PCW company to help with requesting more hours. We also hope he will get approved for therapy a few times a week soon too. Then we can cut back some of the PCW hours and then when he starts school this coming school year we then can cut the hours even more. I really hope we can get more hours at least for while. I did get one extra hour a day for three weeks while he heals. OK enough rambling :-)

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

Hi Caradie,
Wow! sounds like you and Corbie have been busy and will be busy with that schedule. We had some flooding issues and a couple of blizzards the past two weeks so things have been hetic here.

Our south side of Bismarck was flooded due to ice jams in the Missouri river. We are still not out of the woods yet,as with the recent blizzard and warming temps could create a repeat from last week.

Take care and know you and Corbie are in my thoughts and prayers.

nanci said...

Rambling?? You aren't rambling Caradie!! I don't know how you do it all, and do it all so well. You are such a great mother to Corbie (and the rest of your children). I sure hope you get more hours, more help!! If I lived closer I would help you, I am a disabled/retired RN. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.love nanci