Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mayo clinic

Well I called the GI doc's nurse to double check that, that's what he said "Colitis"

When the nurse called back she said, he said......I explained this all to her (me) yesterday (even she sounded rude the way she said it) it's Viral Colitis and there's no recommended treatment.

Time for a second option....while researching I came across The Mayo clinic ranked #1 in digestive health. Check out this info too....Overview and Treatment of Children

OK so first of all he's never been tested for Colitis and the nurse at Mayo never heard of Viral Colitis. So on June 7th we are headed to Rochester, Minnesota 3 1/2 hours away. Where he will be tested and we'll get a real FOR SURE diagnosis. The nurse said be prepared to stay around for a 3-4 days. It'll be out-patient so I have to come up with motel money but for Pook I'll do anything so I will find it :-)

I can NOT sit here and watch him suffer like this....over and over and over!!! Just not going to do it!!!

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