Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just deal with it.....

OMGoodness I'm so frustrated!!!!!

Corb started throwing up again so this time I ran him to the ER, where he threw up 2 more time. That doc was great but of course has no clue what's wrong but he did say he don't agree with what the GI had told me about Corb's tummy episodes. The GI said it must be viral and to just deal with it when it happens. This one has been 2 1/2 WEEKS no one has a virus for 2 weeks and only vomits once and a while and has a freaken cramp in his side and the poo WOW so much poo UGH!!!!! The same GI doc I guess is going to call me today but other wise we will be off to the cities. Yeah we can afford that ugh!!!

Just deal with it I swear if I hear that one more time!!!!!!!!!

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