Friday, June 18, 2010

Mayo call

Mayo doc just called. All the blood tests were perfect. His stool sample showed no white blood cells the first time they tested it but the second time did. So he does have Colitis, he’s going on an antibiotic. We do that for two weeks and go from there but……he has already started to feel better so I’m not sure we will see any difference :-( but I’m totally willing to try anything.

She was so sweet. She said sorry we came all that way and she was out of the office making it so we had loose ends. She also said if the antibiotics aren’t the answer she will help me figure out away to go back down there.

I feel some better. Bummed about the Nissen though, his reflux has been bad. For right now the doc said lets just worry about the colen first and we will just treat the acid and thankfully he’s on Prevacid already.

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