Monday, June 28, 2010

Massage therapy

Corb's waiver finally came threw, he starts massage therapy this after noon. WoooHoooo!!! He's approved for 2 hours 2x a week but we are just slitting up the time so it can be 3x a week. Monday & Wednesday are 45 mins and Thursday is 30 mins, that one's late in the evening.

Corb and I went to meet the therapists the other day, he will have the owner and her nephew. I couldn't believe it Corb liked the guy alot, the lady moves a bit fast, she scares the crap out of him lol, but he'll adjust though, she told me to just keep reminding her lol

I have many many videos and pics I'm trying to catch up on. So they should be up soon.

You know how annoying it is to still be coughing after almost 3 weeks UGH!!!

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