Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Jak

I got Jak today after Corbie's GI doc apt. Which went OK, some of you may remember that Corb has always had gastro issues, he gets this terrible cramping, which can last days, where he postures = every thing gets tight, his hands are in little fists, his little legs just pull up with his toes curled and his face OMG it gets so bright red. I feel so bad because I thought I had it under control. Now I just have no choice, I have to put him on another med :-( but the GI doc thinks the Neurontin will help control the pain all the time so since I just can't get a handle on this tummy issue, I'm doing what I hate to do but I'm starting it tonight :-(

Update on this tummy ache.....he was crying or screaming all day until about 2pm, when I just held him, rubbing his tummy (which I have done many times since Monday night) and he FINALLY let out a REALLY good toot LOL I hate that I have to be happy about passing gas LOL

We have had the puppy now since around 1pm, he is so sweet. He only had one accident in the house and one (oops my fault) in the van eeeewwww he pooped, it was nasty LOL He did have a bit of food aggression but thats over. He goes outside and just stays right by us and goes potty when you tell him too. He's going to be easy to train YEAH for me lol

Meet Jak

Caradie and Corbin

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