Monday, November 23, 2009


Corbin has been up since 3am, he had pooed black poo again. And then at about 6am he threw up but just a little.

Nanci, I don't think he could be dehydrated?? I have been still tube feeding him and giving him his normal amount of water throughout the day and he's drinking his choc or strawberry milk too. Unless bleeding can cause it??? (by the way THANK YOU so much for helping me think)

I called the nurse at 7:20am, she just called me back at 8:45am ugh, she's going to update the doc and the GI and see whats next.

His breathing is still a bit different too. And he's still bah, so I'm calling the pump people today too.

I'm borrowing my mom's laptop cord for today so I will update if the docs do something today.

Caradie and Corbin

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nanci said...

Caradie, when we had a GI bleed, either upper or lower, we would stop all feedings orally and any tube feedings. I know your doc didn't tell you to do that, so maybe thinking has changed?? But, we would always JUST do IV fluids, NOTHING by mouth. My point was just that if he could be dehydrated, it would make the numbers that show anemia a FALSE high. What color was the stuff he threw up this morning?? I hope by now they have gotten back to you from the doctor's office!! Keep me posted!! I can't check this too much today, am watching my 3 year old grandson!!