Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick update...well it was going to be

I'm soooo allergic to dogs, apparently LOL my damn face is killing me but the doc put me on something until the shots start (hopefully) working. It's just stupid I have had dogs and cats all my life. I'm 33 yrs old, I get a cold in July and never stop coughing, weird?? damn it lol

Anyway Corb's poo is still very black and now his G-tube site is hurting him. I got the tube issue all under control though. Gave him a little ibuprofen, washed up the site extra good and put on the ointment I have always used when it gets irritated. On-call doc said thats what he would have told me to do anyway LOL

Sadly I'm pretty sure I know whats causing the bleeding and it's kinda my fault. I try so hard to keep him off meds, that I took him off the Pepcid and now it seems he likely has ulcers. It's so hard to be a mom, when being his mom requires me needing to be a nurse too and I have no idea how to be one. I just want whats best for Corb and being off all meds I thought was right but I guess not. I restarted the Pepcid last night. I, so hope this isn't anything serious. Nanci I'm with you, I wish they would have like kept him or something. But nothing, no one is seeming to be worried even. One good thing though, he's not anemic. His counts are actually on the high side of normal.

So today I'm very emotionally wore out about the pump issue too. I feel so guilty. You know you listen to the docs and when they make a mistake and it affects your life because you just agree with them because they know best and that mistake delays life, you just want to scream. And more emotionally hard is the fact that Corb is very loose but more doped up loose, then loose muscle loose. And then I feel bad because I kinda like him like this, not that I want him drugged where he acts like he's in funk land but today it's just hard, he's been so mellow and not afraid of things and still happy and giggly but just way soooo blah. I'm hoping that changing the dose back and then increasing the bolas doses slowly, it will help him get in between loose but not drugges but it's more wait and see if I made the right decision. UGH!! Over a year of trying to get the dose right. NOT what I expected, thats for sure but hopefully it's still the right decision.

Anyway so for this being a quick update huh??? As hard as it is to be Corbie's mom, I would never change a thing. I love him with all my heart but I do wish his life wasn't a guessing game, I ain't never been any good at those lol :-(

Noah is officially 12 on Monday. He only gets cake and ice cream that day. Because honestly we haven't figured out what to do yet. His birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, friends aren't always around. We'll figure out something though, it will just have to be the week after or something.

I have a ton of videos but my stupid computer's memory is full again so I can't even upload the pic/videos off the cam. Santa PLEASE....I want an external hard drive for Christmas LOL

Caradie and Corbin

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nanci said...

Dear Caradie, I am glad you started him back on the pepcid. I think that should help. Are you still feeding him?? Seems to me, as a nurse, we always stopped feeding patients when they had any sort of GI bleed. One thing, it could irritate his GI tract more. I would be careful with the ibupropen too, as that can irritate the stomach lining. But then that is what the doc said he would do. See, even a registered nurse doesn't always know!!
One other concern I have...if Corbie is dehydrated his lab values for measuring anemia would be off too...and it could look like he is NOT anemic. Does this make sense??
All in all, I think they should have kept Corbin in the hospital to monitor him and put him on IV fluids!!
Don't beat yourself up about the pump, you are doing what you and the doctors think is best for Corbin. Lots of time it is just a guessing game at best!! Keep us posted!!! With much love, nanci