Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Explaining isn't easy...taping is easier lol

Since I don't have a camera (I got approved to get one through Corb's waiver program though, so it should only be a few more weeks yeah) So I will have to just try to explain todays amazing therapy session. OK so Jason had him in a sit and Corb and I were playing with a nob puzzle and he was doing a very nice job getting his arm/hand with the nob, to make contact with the board, well I instead asked him to give me the puzzle piece and I set the board next to his leg, and whispered to Jason, not like he's really going to be able to do that but.....and then OMG he did it, he looked right down at the board and pulled his little arm over there and made contact, I almost fell over. NEVER would I have though, well obviously I didn't think he could do it. And to top off the session, while rolling down the wedge 4 times he only needed help ONCE, one time wow and that time it was only because his little elbow got stuck under his side. It wasn't for lack of trying though, he was just throwing that one little leg trying to flop him self over but it just would GO lol.

OK warning VENTING below lol If you don't want to hear it stop here......

I can't remember if I have talked about therapies recently. But Corb got approved FINALLY for OT and ST (MA only approved ST to do feeding therapy, so he doesn't need to learn to communicate what foods he wants...dunno???) and we are still waiting for PT. The kid just had a Baclofen pump put in, he should be having intensive therapy and we still have to fight for just a little. It's just unfair being poor and having to be on state aide made me give up on my child, I just don't get it??? Why did paperwork and a state run therapist be given the right to hold up his case for the past 2 years. Makes me mad, sad and most of all embarrassed to have to live in this state. But we got something and Corb LOVES Jason and he's working on liking the ST ladies lol he's only them once each lol. I'm very happy with the little bit, it's better then the none.

Caradie and Corbin

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