Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Falling apart...

Sorry for the lack of anything. I don't want to bore anyone with the bad times and right now, these are some pretty bad times. I'm just having such a hard time trying to deal with my family and Me right now. It's hard to take care of me, without it affecting the care I would other wise be giving to Corb and everyone else. I feel very guilty that this last year has been a huge step back for him, well us, all because I wasn't and haven't ever taken care of me. I just hurt so bad mentally and physically ugh! I also miss sharing him with everyone, I have always enjoyed sharing him with all of you faithful followers but as I said who wants to hear bad stuff and now I can't even share videos of him, my stupid camera broken (I'm going through withdrawals not being able to tape my baby boy lol, I miss that part a lot). But things are at least on the mend (I hope) lol. So just bear with me, I'm trying to pull myself together.

Corb is doing amazing though!!!!! He's reaching way more and way faster. He can roll down the big wedge with only minimal assist (most attempts). He's looking at things much faster. One thing minor bad thing for Corb, due to him being on such a high dose of the Baclofen pump and him not really being loose enough, the doc wants to have this test (which is in the cities 3 hours one way UGH!!!) where they stick a needle into the pump, through the skin mind you, to test the catheter before he feels comfortable increasing him anymore :-( I'm very worried I made the wrong decision putting the pump in him. OK so one more bad thing for Corb but it's necessary. Corb's having Botox December 14th and that doc is putting him in ankle serial casts for approx. 3 weeks. He isn't going to be a happy camper. And since he isn't going to be able to do much anyway, I'm having surgery on my hands around that time too. I have moderate to severe carpal tunnel. I need to be able to feel my fingers LOL

No matter what though Corb is the most amazing person on this planet. He has something about him, that's just so......I don't even know, he's just so deep (as my shrink says lol) I have said many times before, Corb makes my world go around. I don't know where or who I would be today if it weren't for his love. Thanks little buddy.

I have been trying to live a little and since I don't really get to leave the house unless it's for like docs, therapy and other apt. I have really gotten into facebook, although I can't say I understand it totally yet lol but please feel free to add me/us. Until I delete the other account search for Caradie AndCorbin or even just Caradie but pick the account with just Corb's picture. I finally figured out how to delete the other account, but I'm just giving everyone time to switch over. Could ya just put a little note saying your a follower? I'm trying to make sure negative people aren't my friends. Thanks.

Bill has one now too (Bill Fritze, picture...he's on his bike). Which is kinda cool, we now have something more to talk about. Austin has one too (Austin Fritze, picture...is Roller skating) but he's in some trouble so he won't be on for a few days LOL. Thanks everyone!

Caradie and Corbin


Luke's Mom said...

Praying for you.

jolene n tracy said...

hi caradie n corbin
your in my thoughts and prayers, i been going though some of the samme things.

Jolene n Tracy