Friday, November 20, 2009


Well things with Corb aren't going so well. Since Monday he has had incredible pains, vomiting, nausea and he has been having darker and darker poos, until today when is was DARK BLACK. I called the front desk girls (thanks middle Kelli) of Corbin peds office and she got a message right off to Corb's GI doc, he called me personally and wants to know right away Monday morning how his poo looks over the weekend and wanted me to get him in right away to have his stool tested so I called into the medical home emergency number (thanks Sarah) and she got him in right away today. The doc (thank you Dr. Valentine) did 4 tests, all of which take days but she called me tonight and explained the way it looked and smelled it was full of blood OMG what is wrong with my son and also today he has become so blah and his tone is so weird, he's really looser but still super tight I just don't get it. The docs that did the test and changed the pump dose on Monday wanted his dose changed back NOW and of course Corb's PMNR doc is in Iraq, his nurse practitioner wasn't in so I either, got a hold of the other clinics nurse that has a pump machine or drive all the way back down to the cities OMG what next. THANK YOU again Kelli she rocked, she found the nurse for me and they got Corb in right away and the nurse was able to change it back to contentious (thank you Evie). So one thing down, now it's the waiting game for his poo. Can you believe one little tummy could give us so much trouble? UGH!!!

Corb's puppy is really neat. For being so young he's so calm, hardly mouths (bits) and doesn't even lick as much. He's a doll for potty time too. We have a little routine. I have a little container of dog treats that goes with us outside. I shake it and say go good boy potty and while he goes he stares at the container lol and as soon as he's done I cheer good boy potty and he sits down for his little treat and if he goes poo he gets two lol. When he has an accident in the house I tell him bad boy potty lol and he gets all sad lol I'm happy I gave in and got a puppy.

Caradie and Corbin

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nanci said...

Caradie~~~I can't believe that they don't want Corbin in the hospital. If he has some sort of GI bleed, he shouldn't be given feedings. He would need IV fluids to keep him hydrated. Especially with the other symptoms you describe, with him being blah and his tone "off"....I would want him monitored!! Maybe things have changed since I had to leave nursing because of my vasculitis, but I doubt they changed THAT much! With the black stool, that would mean that the problem is further up in the gi tract, like stomach for instance. I am worried for sweet Corbie!! Keep us informed!! with love, nanci