Monday, November 23, 2009

Good news, I don't know

Well the stool test came back negative for any blood, OK so that's AWESOME news but???? why then???

Anyway I'm heading to my mom's to drop off her cord so I will now be gone for awhile.

I had a wonderful girl (Hi Nicole) tell me today to just bring my computer to her and her hubby will look at it. Lets hope he really don't mind LOL Wouldn't that be great if he can fix it. And so generous (Thank you Nicole's hubby)

Caradie and Corbin

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Teresa said...


You probably already know all this, but I thought I might pass it along. Black stools that don't have blood in them can be caused by food, supplements, medication or minerals. Iron supplements, taken alone or as part of a multivitamin for iron-deficient anemia, may cause stools to be black. Foods that are dark blue or black in color may also cause black stools. Some of those are:

•Black licorice
•Iron supplements
•Bismuth (Pepto-bismol)

I'm wondering if Corbin is maybe taking iron supplements or getting too much iron in his food or something since he's on the high side on his iron tests and his stools are so black. I'm hoping you can figure it out soon.

Good luck,