Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wal-Mart trip

I thought I would share a cute little story about what happened today.

My mother, Austin, Noah, Corbin & myself went shopping at Wal-Mart, while shopping Corb went poo (all by himself YEAH Corb) so I brought him out to the van to change him (the bathroom changing stations do not work with Corb he's to long & wiggles to much), I told grammy I would just wait in the van for them but changed my mind so Corb & I went back in, I started asking Corb where are your brothers, do you see'em, look for them & he began hysterically laughing, he would calm down & I would ask him, where are you brothers, do you see'em & he would just crack up every single time. He laughed throughout the whole store & ours is a super Wal-Mart. He got twice as many smiles from everyone LOL. We finally found our brothers & then he was all calm again. He even yawned LOL he was pooped from all the laughing.


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