Thursday, August 28, 2008

So very busy....

Things around here are crazy busy. I swear I have been on the phone with doctors, nurses, schedulers & therapist more the past few days then I have in the last three years all put together.

Many things have happened & are happening soon.

Aug 1st was Botox,
Aug 5th was the Upper GI x-ray test,
Aug 6th was OT with Sheila,
Aug 11th was the Dentist to clean his teeth, check them & put on fluoride,
Aug 15th was OT with Sheila,
Aug 18th was a day trip to the cities to see Dr. Faville & Dr. Saltzman the surgeon to discuss the nissen fundoplication,
Aug 22nd was with Dr. Murphy to give an update on everything that's happening – and OT with Sheila,
Aug 25th & 27th was for my finger,
Aug 29th will be OT for me & OT with Sheila

Now for next month.
Sept 5th is to re-check Austin's broken leg – and OT with Sheila,
Sept 8th is an eye check for the brothers,
Sept 9th will be with Heather Corbie's home bound teacher YEAH!!! we love Heather & she will also now be here every Tue for an hour & a half,
Sept 12th is with Dr. Beery for a pre-op – and OT with Sheila,
Sept 15th we leave for the cities,
Sept 16th is the surgery & he will need to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days,
Sept 23rd is here at the house with the MyTobii rep,
Sept 26th is socialization with Heather at the center,
Sept 29th is with the dietitian – we are going to put Corb on an over night tube feed to give him some more calories so he can practice other foods with out loosing nutrition.

Also Corb was accepted into the UMD eye gaze class, that will be 3 Thur's a month but we aren't sure of the start date yet.

I have contacted the PT dept at the college St. Scholastica to see if they can see Corb so that may be a few days a week too. Then in Jan. he will be seen by a OT there too.

And then for Oct. (so far)
Oct 3rd will be with Dr. Murphy to check how the surgery went & to discuss the Baclofen pump trial
Oct 7th we will be going to Hudson to have an eval to help get everyone on the same page with all Corbie's therapies.

We have also started the process to get Corbie a new wheelchair & we are also working on getting MA to approve OT & PT each twice a week.


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