Saturday, August 9, 2008

Very calm day

Corb was very calm today. It's so fun to play/work with him when he ain't all stiff & freaking out.

He loves being in 4-point.

He can sit so well when he's looser. I have a love hate relationship with Botox. It works GREAT but it don't last long.

Part of what I'm behind in telling you all is that Corb had an upper GI (Gastrointestinal Tract X-ray (Radiography) ) last week. It was positive for reflux. So the next step is to see the Doctor again & a surgen to dicuss the Nissen fundoplication . This surgery will prevent that reflux from happening & hopefully make him more comfortable. I have always said that I feel a lot of Corbie's arching/pushing is due to his tummy always being upset, from reflux & not being able to potty very well.


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