Thursday, August 28, 2008

Momma's turn for OT

I had a weird thing happen to me, so that's why I haven't updated lately.

Last week my ring finger on my left hand swelled to an enormous size, was VERY painful & I couldn't even move it. Then on Sunday I felt sick to my tummy & I started throwing up, my mom came to help out so I could nap & every time I woke up I would throw up again, this happened all day Sunday.

Monday morning first thing I went to the doctor & two doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong so they put me on an anti-inflammatory & by that evening I could at least bend my finger again. Wednesday I seen the one doc again & he said he feels it was just tendinitis & ordered OT because my finger is VERY stiff still but no pain.

Have any idea how hard it is to pick up a wiggly, 33# child with one hand LOL

Austin was a wonderful helper, I gave him $5.00 for helping.

I will update about Corb's upcoming stuff soon.


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