Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camera crazy

I got camera crazy today.

This video is of the new way I have been teaching Corb to look at what I'm requesting.

At UMD they tried this while testing the MyTobii eye gaze system with him, but he had never seen a lazor pointer before so he had no idea what to do. But as you can see he truly understands now. We are hoping to get Corb into the speech clinic at UMD this year. Also the MyTobii rep is coming to our house in late Sept for an eval.

I used Corbie's new tumbleform chair on a computer chair and now he can sit up better and as time has been going on he's getting better and better with head and trunk control.

YEAH Corbie!!!

I used to brush Corb's teeth while he was laying on his changing bed because I needed to pin his arms down. But I tried him in his seat (thanks BabyCharlie) and as you can see he does great. Hopefully over time it will get even better.

Sheila-OT used Kinesio Tape on Corb.


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