Friday, August 15, 2008

Upper GI x-ray

I got a picture of the upper GI test that shows Corbie has reflux.

The white shadow (in the black outline) shows that the water (barium) starts coming back up his esophagus and this is just in a matter of a few minutes.

He spits up many many times a day, there are times that he actually has food particles in his mouth. Yuck sorry to describe in such detail but as I have said this will be the biggest decision I have had to make in Corbie's life. Everything else had been decided for me, like his G-tube, they never like asked me if I wanted him to get a feeding tube it just needed to be done so the Doctors just did it.

Monday, I will see the Doctor that is heading this decision & the surgeon that would actually be performing the surgery. From the input from both Doctors & my own feelings, I will make the final decision & then we will be able to go on with life, one way or the other.

Thanks for checking in on my sweet boy. has hit 50,000!!! it's so amazing how many people care about Corb without even meeting him. Thank you everyone.


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Fighting Joey said...

Caradie, I'm sure whatever decsion you make will be the right one for Corbie.

You are in my prayers.