Thursday, September 3, 2009

Writing things down

I have two pages full of notes just from today lol.

Please no one worry about being blunt or anything else because you can't tell me more then I have told myself, it's just really hard when it's a kiddo like Corb. Mom's of "normal" kids have a hard time letting go, imagine a mom that's child died in her arms and then haven't left his side since.

Everyone says you deserve time for yourself, really honestly that's not what I want for myself, never have but I know Corb needs to be in school. I would totally be his aide if the law would allow it. Not for one moment have I ever felt too burnt out to want someone else to take care of him. I would spend every moment of every day with him forever.

I'm trying really I am.

As for the IEP. The goals they have for him are set WAY to high. So I have requested that all the therapists do full evaluations instead of using the medical based evaluation reports from a therapy center that hasn't even been able to work with him ever. The PT is doing hers on Tue sometime. And a new IEP meeting is going to be in about two weeks so everyone can gather ideas, including ME!!!

I will not let them jerk me around but I also have to work on trusting them, I said I'm trying lol

I love him so much.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

Give yourself credit Caradie for trying. We all know that you have been by Corbies side since day 1 and what he knows and has learned is all because of the great therapy he received from you.

I totally understand where your coming from so I won't judge you for how your feeling now. It's hard to have someone else step in your place even if its a place such as schools.

So I will just end this with saying that I will besupporting you on whatever decisions or route you choose concerning Corbin with his schooling,therapy, and future cares.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

I understand your fear in leaving him in the hands of other people. But, as one of those service providers for kids with special needs, I have found that parents who are not able to or won't separate from their child, trust the provider, and are there to "rescue" their child when they become upset really affect the progress their child will make. All children need to learn to trust their service provider and build a relationship with them to make progress, grow, and learn. This becomes very difficult when the parents are right there all the time, the child almost learns that you can't trust anyone else and they are not able to relax with that person.

Trust your service providers, they really do have Corbin's best interest at heart, they wouldn't be in special education if they didn't.