Friday, September 25, 2009

Ever feel like giving up

For those of you who have the “GET OVER IT” attitudes please don't bother reading this post!!!! I ain't over it and won't be.

For those of you who care. Life is still way stressful. I'm not going to be getting into details (not even about the IEP). So besides school being difficult, my back has been hurting so badly, bad enough I went to the doctor today. MA wrote back to the therapy center again, stating that they needed more information, again!!! and it's something the lady had already sent in, again. UGH!!!! And the huge stressor our families life, is that we have always had troubles with PCWs. Sometimes we have none at all, sometimes they just don't show up and we have never had the same one for more then a couple of months at a time, for one reason or another. So I have to train in new ones over... and... over... So it's like I still have to do all the work, most of the time anyway, I might as well do it all myself.....

So I have decided to “give up” for 4 days LOL

I canceled the worker for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Tuesday were going to be two new people anyway so I just told her to have them wait. This way Corb and I will have a 4 day weekend together. Because on Monday he has two doctor appointments in the morning and then Noah has one later in the day so Corb is just staying home from school all day anyway. (I'm taking all three, so they can get their flu shots OUCH). And Tuesday is no-school, staff development. So with these next 4 days I can gather my thoughts without interruptions. I have a lot of decisions to make in life right now and none of which are easy ones.

On the Corbie front, he's doing great. Besides his tummy issues, he had a tummy attack at school a few days ago. The nurse even called me to come get him. (sadly they got to see a bad one, by the time I got there his face was bright red, his heart was beating so hard and he was just sweating). But I'm working with the new gastrologist for that. He's been feeling better now for a few days.

Something awesome, he's reaching a lot more. We increased his pump again, he's now at 460 so he's a bit looser. We are going to be a bit more aggressive turning up the pump because his tone is almost as bad as it was before the pump so if it's not going to give him way better results soon, it was the wrong decision and I want it out. But I still have hope it was the right decision.

He's been a very good boy. He NEVER cries when I put him to bed anymore and he has been sleeping through most nights, the other day he decided 4am was time to get up though, yuck. So sleep has been a big plus ;-P

I have good and bad news for poor Corb. Monday the 5th he's getting botox injections in his legs and then she's going to serial case his ankles. He's going to be so ticked but this will be so good for his little legs, their really tight.

As for Austin, now that he's 14 years old, he can work a few hours a week so at the World Of Wheels roller skating rink, where he has been volunteering for the whole summer, wants to hire him. He's so excited. And we're very proud of him for choosing a safe place to get involved in. He also has been playing the stand up bass for all three years of middle school.

And for Noah, now that he's in middle school, he has decided to take the viola. He's so proud to be like is brother (even tho they HATE each other LOL).

I know I really never talk about the brothers but their typical older boys, off and running, I hardly see them so to be able to write about what they do is pretty tough LOL.

Our family has issues but (for the most part) my boys are great :-D They are very nice boys and I'm proud of them for dealing with “this” life as well as they have.

Thank you every who has stuck be us even in hard times.

Caradie and Corbin


Paula71 said...

Bless you all. I hope things get a little easier soon. Training new people so often has got to be so difficult and nerve racking. Take care of yourself and rest when you can.

bexx said...

The viola is a great instrument! I play violin and my daughter plays cello. My son went brass and plays French horn! Hope things at school improve. Prayers from South Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caradie

Hang in there. Things will get easier eventually. I can't believe Austin will have a part time Job. He has grown up so much, and Noah playing the Viola, how adorable. Such classical boys you have. Eventually School will be a place you crave for Corbie to be, I know that now when school hols come around I think to myself I love her so much but 2 weeks straight I don't know about that LOL!!!
Even if you never feel like I do about it it will get easier and he will have little friends and you will meet other Mums. The thing I find the hardest though about Special schools though is that most kids were born with their disability, they have had this knowledge almost from the start, whereas we have witnessed our perfectly healthy children die and had to revive them and then been left with a child that looks the same but is so very different. It's not the life we planned for our children or for us and we grieve every day for the child we had before.

Your friend Liz

Anonymous said...

Hi Caradie and Corbin,

Hang in there Caradie,your doing a great job. Just gotta give every thing some time and it will all work out for the best for both Corbie and you. "Congrats" to Austin on the job,first ones are so exciting. How great Noah shows interest in being musically inclined just like his big brother.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

This came to my attention yesterday... maybe it'll help.

Enjoy, and God Bless!