Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why do you follow???

Everyone is welcome to their opinion, but what I don't understand is, those of you who think so negatively towards my feelings, that it makes you feel it would be ok to leave comments like that, why follow Corbin's story at all.

Dear anonymous,

The correlation is that both childhood and Corbin's accident were very traumatic and with PTSD it's hard emotionally to recover from stressful things, not to mention a bunch in a row and yeah to the "common" person a child leaving to kindergarten shouldn't be stressful but it's more stressful to me then anyone could ever imagine and I have the right to feel anyway that I do.

And to who ever you are. I do, do this all alone because you are right I don't talk about Bill helping because he don't but that's not any one's business but mine. He does what he can with what he has. Everyone copes with things differently. I have accepted that.

How I cope, is do everything I can to try to help my son get better. His way is to provide for our family.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...


I have a message for you........YOU GET OVER IT!!! I will pray that you NEVER have ANYTHING go wrong in your life, let alone experience any of these things. Let alone Loose the closest people to you.

You are YELLOW as they come. LOOK AT YOU..........You have to hide behind a #@$%@! computer screen and not reveal yourself!! Ya, your a big shot........NOT!!!! Your as coward as they come! Show your self! Or.....are you like "to afraid to??"

WE are not afraid to say who we are, and show ourselves. If this site "QUOTE" bothers you......then stay the hell off of it!!!!!!

To words for you.......MOVE ON!! Wait 4 more words.......YOU GET OVER IT!!!

Now that I've said that and meant it........I'm going to get some sleep now.

I can ONLY pray that you have enought DIGNITY to stay the $@%#$ off of this site and leave Corbin and Caradice ALONE!!!! Because.......YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM!!! & SHAME ON YOU for writting such negativity. GET OVER IT YOURSELF!!!

At least we are NOT AFRAID to reveal who we are!!

Dawn Van Camp

P.s. Corbin and Caradice, I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! Sending much hugs and kisses your way...

p.s.s. ANONYMOUS, this message was also left for you on the first blog you commented on September 11th. Of all days to leave such a RUDE COMMENT!! shame on you!!!

Dawn Van Camp said...


I left a mesasge for you down below......ya its'for you oh, I forgot to add to it.......GET A LIFE!!!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Caradie, I am sorry that you have someone leaving you negative comments. I have never understood why people read blogs that they don't enjoy? Why post, just to post negative comments. It makes no sense to me.

Our kids are not "typical" kids. As another mom with PTSD, I can 100% agree that new things that seem totally unconnected can spark it up and it's hard to deal with.

Hang in there. It WILL get easier to send him off. ((hugs)) from a stranger!

Jennifer L Bolt said...

Hi Caradie,

It's Joshua's Mom, Jennifer. I know I haven't sent you any personal messages lately, but I feel the need to right now.

I am praying for you, and praying that you know and feel God's presence in your life. He will take your suffering and Corbie's suffering on His shoulders.

You know from the response of the good people on your blog, and over the years in support of you and what you do, that 99.9% of people are GOOD. My hope and prayer is that you can forgive and forget the 0.1% of BAD.

It was really mean and dirty of "anonymous" to kick you when you were down. I want to tell you what Joshua told me once (via FC) about mean-spirited, ignorant people he saw in a movie - "I feel sorry for them, they cannot get the hate out of their hearts."

So I will pray for you, for Corbie, AND for "anonymous", whether he or she likes it or not!

With Love and Blessings going out to your whole family,

Jennifer Bolt