Thursday, September 3, 2009

School update

The principal, the special ed teacher and myself had a meeting today. I do feel a lot better about things but there still are some things I need to share with them about Corb before I will leave him in their care all alone and although I don't think they don't have training, they don't know Corb and his needs and feelings. I will not back down from them learning him partially through me first. Of course they will have to learn lots of things about him without me but some things are just to important for them to have to guess. He has feelings that no one else knows until I tell them.

I love my baby bear with all my heart, I don't ever want him to be scared.

Example= One thing that I have always worried about happening, happened today. While the teacher and aides were getting the other kids into the other room, Corb sat in his room all alone (except me) for about 10 - 15 mins. He would have been crying by the time they came back for him because he even started to whine with me right there.

I'm trying I really am.

Love love LOVE the PT. She's so sweat and totally understands my feelings about getting to know him through me. I'm not saying the others aren't too but she's just got this great personality. She did make Corb cry his first day though LOL she stood up from a computer chair and it popped up and scared Corb BADLY, he cried and cried.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

I understand your situation, BUT, Corb will have to learn that you canNOT be there all the time. I know it will be a hard transition for both of you. Maybe you can write everything down for them so they can refer to it instead of forgetting . Hate to be blunt, but had to at least share what I feel.

Anonymous said...

I go through this every school year. We have communication issues every year and I find it very irritating. He is not in a wheel chair and needs less assistance. He does not communicate well enough to convey the same message you and I would. I currently am having issue with them following the IEP's. I think they need you there since he is new to school. Stick with them as long as you need to and do write things down for them. They will not then be able to say they didn't know. If it was their child they would do the same.