Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sweet Sweet Darlene

I know I said I was going to answer each comment on the comments page but I believe this post is to special to just stay there.


God created beautiful creatures and one of the greatest gifts he created was Corbie. Your beautiful boy has a way with pulling at my heart strings and leaving some huge imprints. So I guess I have to say is, thank you to Bill and you for sharing Corbie with me.....Darlene


OK now I'm crying.

Corb sure means a lot to me & I believe part of the reason why he was given back to me, was to teach everyone something threw his spirit.

Corbin has a way about him that, as long as you have the capacity to let him, he will draw you in deeply.

EVERY where we go Corbin is loved, Wal-Mart, doctor offices, his colleges & especially here on-line where you all get to really know his true self through me & his videos.

THANK YOU all for continuing to keep close tabs on my (our) sweet boy.

Caradie and Corbin

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