Monday, December 8, 2008


I haven't cried like this since his accident. Needless to say my sinus' are going to hurt real bad tomorrow.

I had all the weight lifted off my shoulders, in just one phone call.

Mr. Murphy (the one I love) does all the pump upkeep personally.

I already cancelled the appointment with the SMDC doctor (the one I don't love).

Corbin will be receiving the Baclofen pump with in a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for your help.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Glad things are working out for you the way you had hoped for. Just let us know when Corb has his surgery.
~ Darlene~

grammyjoan5 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caradie. Yes what a change for the good. So glad it can go the way you wanted.Makes it easier on the mind If the people around you and Corbin are good to work with.
All My Love

Anonymous said...

What's this I hear that you have a birthday?????

"Happy Birthday to youuuuuu
"Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu.
"Happy Birthhhddddddddaaaaaay~ Dear Caradieeeeeeee.
Happy Birthhhhhdaaaaaaaaayyyyy tooouuh yoooooooooouuuu!

and many,many moorreeeeeee.~Darlene

Caradie and Corbin said...


I am really happy Corb willbe able to be seen by the nice Doctor, that makes the decision much easier.

And thank you for the birthday song :-)

Caradie and Corbin said...

Hi Mother,

It really is much easier on me now that I know whats going on.

Amy said...

Sorry I have not been around, but I so glad to know that things are going the right way. Having the doctor that you want on board has to make the decision easier. You are such a wonderful, wonderful mother. You are so strong and intelligent. You always do the right things for Corbie!

Caradie and Corbin said...


Thanks honey. It was a tough decision to say the least.