Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowed in

It's our first blizzard of the year. Everything is already closed for tomorrow. Fun Fun stuck with the brothers for another day LOL.

At least the next shift at Bill's work, was able to make it in tonight so he wasn't stuck at work.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

Yep we got snowed in here too Caradie. I like it tho. It's a time of relaxation for me as I have the whole pad to myself.~Darlene

Caradie and Corbin said...


Were you from?

We got a bit of snow but it's the freezing weather that sucks so bad.

Anonymous said...

Our fridget temp here tonight is
-13. We received over 12 inches from the blizzard. So I will be snowbound for a few days,as the doors to my car sort of froze shut. I live in the capital city of North Dakota. I am beginning to think that maybe next year I will just move to Cancun for the winter.~Darlene

Anonymous said...

You might have the boys home (Tuesday)they said on the weather last night it was going to be --27 also said the wind chill will be about -- 50 and it's not even winter yet. Hope you and Corbin don'thave to go out I just pray your and my van even starts.Call you when i get up.
Love you guys
mother (grammy)