Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maybe...just maybe

Today was Corbie's speech evaluation, at the new therapy center that I'm trying to get him into. I heard a few things from the therapist, that has really made my YEAR. I left the room & when I came back, she said, you sure he doesn't say momma, I'm like no. She said, well I thinks he does, because when you left, he was making a sound, very close to momma & he visibly didn't like that you left. My spoiled boy ***blushing*** She also told Corb, you are like candy, I can't get enough of you. Another thing she said was he is so “in there” & that he just has so much potential. You know how nice that was to hear from a therapist, not just us!!! We all know he's going to keep going places :-D

She did also agree the pump would be awesome for him. YEAH, all the more people I talk to, all the more I know my decision is the right one.

With all the work that has been put into getting Corb approved for therapy, MA better just hurry up & approve our requests UGH. He's just so deserves this.

Thanks again for standing behind us.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

"Congrats" Corbie and Caradie. I was so proud to read your words. Corbie certainly does have potential,I know he is giving everything he does his best. I have even seen him attempting to do more like crawling for example. You doing a great job Cardie and I could be more proud of you both.

Best wishes,

Kalena said...

Caradie Wow so great to read. We all know Corbin loves you so much you can see it in his eye on the videos his giggles and body langauge. You are such a excellent Momma to him. Youa re the reason he has come this far.
Corbin I am so proud of you I am still praying for you to be approved by MA.

Amy said...

That is awesome! I know he is smart, and you do too!! It is refreshing to hear a therapist say that you kid has potential thought. That is pretty sweet and rewarding, especially since you have worked so dang hard with Corbie. You are an awesome mother. I think he is talking too, and he just needs a good listener. I am so happy for you!!