Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emotional boy

I haven't been able to video Corb for the past few days because he has started to have some crying moments so.....that means he getting sick.

Caradie and Corbin


joan said...

Do you and Bill have things to do tomorrow? I'll come watch Corbin, so you don't have to take him out if he isn't feeling well.
All my Love

Kalena said...

Aww I hope our little guy is okay he prob. Getting a cold Brian our youngest has pnueamonia right now.
Hugs To you and Corbin.
P.S Hope you don't mind me calling him our little guy. I have follwed his story since the begining and he reminds me so much of our Angel R.J its to bad I did not have videos like you do of Corbin of R.J I have a few but I have lots of picture's. Anyhow I just want to thank you Caradie for sharing and continuing to share your little lovey (Corbin) with us I come here veryday to check on you guys.