Friday, January 9, 2009

He changed again

I don't know if any of you remember but for a while after Corbie's accident, I had theses feelings, it's one of those unexplainable things (I guess, for religious people, it would be similar to a sign from GOD)

I guess the only way I can kinda explain it, is that it's an over whelming feeling of change. Like Corb grew in some way. Him & I's bond became I said it's unexplainable.

Also my Corb man goes to bed EVERY night without crying, he wakes up once a night & just needs to be rolled back onto his side & he's back out. LOVE IT!!!

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

Caradie, You and Corbie have a very special bond with one another that is different then you have with Austin and Noah,tho I know you love all 3 of your beautiful boys equally. Corbie,has come this far because of you and only you being his mother and best advocate. You both should be proud of your accomplishments thus so far because I know that I am of both of you. Sending my love for warm and great weekend~Darlene~

Amy said...

I totally agree with Darelene, and I think I get what you mean about the changes they go through. It is hard to explain, but you just know because you and he are so close. I am sure that he does things for you better than he does for most therapists because of the bond and trust that you have. That is how it is with Emma and me much of the time. I understand every word she says and what she means even though other people don't always understand her. She and I work very well together, and I find that she shuts down for some professionals especially in new situations. I am rambling, but I get what you are say about something has changed again with Corbie. You are a fabuous mother to all you children.