Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Code Blue

Corb had a health check with his peds Doc today. Everything was going great, he was done with the Doc, while we were waiting for his turn for the shots room, I was throwing him up in the air to get him to laugh for the front desk girls (they love him) & shortly after I stopped he started gagging & wrenching, because of the Nissen he can't really throw up, so he was really scared, I kept calm but when the one girl asked again if she should grab the Doc & I said yes....well everything went crazy, they called a code blue over the loud speaker, pretty much every nurse was there, his Doc, a lady from O2, the social worker & the life care specialist. I was worried about him but not that worried. Whoa

He's totally OK & happily watching Blue's Clues.

I was worried he had a tummy ache because our evening girl missed the other night due to her & her little guy throwing up.

Caradie and Corbin


grammyjoan5 said...

For God sake daughter. Bet that was very overwhelming for the little man.You to i bet. I'll give you a call tomorrow, or if you need me, school is closed for the brothers because of a dangerous windchills.
All My Love

Kalena said...

Oh my I am glad everything is okay.
I would have passed out if that was me. Good for you for being calm for Your and Corbin. Glad everything is okay. :]