Friday, November 14, 2008


I promise a full update is coming soon but I still haven't finished it, since we got the 2 hours back of our PCW hours, I'm training in a new girl so I don't have time to even think LOL

Anyway, I had to share last night.
I have been doing a whole little routine at bedtime & then telling him good night & that I'm leaving & well last night he gave this cry face he does, just saying hey I ain't OK with this, but he never started to cry, he never did cry at all & he fell asleep within 30 mins & then about an hour after he was sleep, I did need to come in to roll him back onto his side, (when he gets mad he flips onto his back & he only like to sleep on his sides) & well then guess what... my sweet boy slept until 5am & fell back to sleep right away until 7am WOW!!!! What a great night sleep. He almost always wakes up at 2am & sometimes even at midnight too.

Sweet friend thank you again for the weighted blanket. I for sure think it's helping, I also think he understands he's a big boy now :-)

He's downstairs right now belly laughing at the TV. What a nut.

Caradie & Corbin

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Tammy and Gene said...

I wish I could get Megan sleeping alone but it's ain't happening!